Birthdays & Chuseok

Today was not only the start of Korean Thanksgiving (Chuseok), but it also landed on the day of my father's birthday and my cousin's Birthday. So to celebrate, we all went to dinner at one of Larry's new favorite places!
Here's a bad photo due to the flash... but my parents! :)
A photo of our dinner table... We enjoyed a great meal and good times.
And a photo of us on the walk home!

It was a very casual affair. but just as fun... look at us last year, the same time-all of us in the photo. Except Annabelle is still in utero!

My how things have changed...

Happy Birthday Daddy! Happy Birthday Jimmy!

Happy Chuseok Everybody!!! :)

First dunk

Swim class finally resumed after two weeks off due to a pool pump issue.
Annabelle started to the very VERY first steps of learning to float on her tummy.

Not pictured: Annabelle's first dunk. I wasn't aware they were going to do this so i was a bit shocked... I wasn't mentally ready for this. Luckily, I had no time to stress b/c per instruction: Daddy kept blowing in her face waiting for Annabelle to crinkle her nose. The crinkling of the nose indicates that they aren't breathing out of their noses and that is the best time to do the dunk... so Daddy did it.  Annabelle seemed unphased other than to make sure her ducky was still in her hand.

Luckily, I walked away unscarred as well PHEW!

Happy Birthday Gabriella!

Annabelle's friend Gabby just turned 1 and celebrated in style at Glen Echo Park with a carousel themed birthday. Gabriella is our neighbor. We get to see her a lot since we live in the same building and its always been great fun to watch her grow.  When Gabby hits a new milestone, I get a glimpse of what our future will be like in a few months with Annabelle. She's the most adorable baby. Just always so smiley and happy. She loves to clap her hands and talk very excitedly. She especially loves Kota!  Now that Annabelle is upright and mobile, they seem to have much more fun together too. I can't wait to see how their friendship grows! :)

Annabelle was feeling a bit under the weather, but we still made it and Annabelle had a great time helping her friend Gabby ring in her 1st birthday!

Here are a few photos from the party! 

Daddy & Annabelle walking to the party
Wearing a party hat!
Annabelle with the birthday girl while she was diving into the cake!
A photo of the beautiful family blowing out the candle after we sang happy Birthday! :)
Gabby tentatively touching the cake before she went all in!
It was Annabelle's first time on a carousel, she liked it and then she didn't... but it was fun for us to see!
Daddy & Annabelle getting ready for the ride to start!
Annabelle is looking at me like "whaaaaatttt is going on here?"
Annabelle is not sure how to feel, the carousel went really fast and was really long, she did begin to fuss towards the end. Even i was nauseous!
She was much happier on the swings!
The party was a great success with such cute details. I didn't get to photograph them but she had a cute happy birthday banner and it had each month's photo. Seeing the photos you can really see how much Gabby has grown and changed into the beautiful little girl we know today. There were yummy cupcakes and "1" cookie favors as well as bubbles and pinwheels which the kids loved!

This got me thinking... i have to start thinking about Annabelle's party  (not that I haven't already been pinning things since she was like 3 months old) :)

First runny nose :-(

37 weeks. We have gone 37 weeks (almost the length of time she was in my belly which was 37 weeks and 3.5 days) without any cold or contagious illness. I was so thrilled that despite being exposed to people with colds, my milk had kept Annabelle healthy... Until this week.

On Sunday I felt my nose running and then I got congested. It took two full days to realize it wasn't allergies but a possible cold. Annabelle was fine until yesterday late afternoon when her nose began to run.

She didn't sleep well and her nose is will runny. She is teething so this can be not an illness but from teething. It also could be minor allergies because of the season changing. It could also be that while we kept my cold at bay for a while, she is feeling minor effects from it-I don't know.

So now the dilemma is... To attend this birthday party of one of Annabelle'a friends. We have been looking forward to the party for weeks. But I dont want to be THAT mom that brings a sick baby to a party. But I don't know if she is actually sick...

Ahhhh... What to do!!! Please send Annabelle healthy vibes. Even if it's not illness that is causing her nose to run, I'd like her to be 100% ! :-)

Teeth, music & lunching

Yesterday I noticed that Annabelle's upper front right tooth was looking like it wanted to come through soon. It's exciting because she's had two bottom teeth for a while and we have been waiting for her upper teeth.

She had been fussy for a few days but I was under the weather, so I thought maybe she was too even though she showed no symptoms of being I'll (thank you breastfeeding!)

This morning I felt in her mouth. I definitely could feel the tooth getting ready to come out but low and behold, I felt a tooth that had actually broken through the gums two spots to the left over. So basically her left side front tooth. That's odd bc there is still no sign of her upper left front tooth ... Unless what I felt WAS her upper left front tooth and our baby is gonna be really gapped toothed!!

Anyways, today we had music class and after my debacle of trying to bus to Eastern market, I ended up a few minutes late after rushing to smithsonian metro to get us there on time.

After a very fun class, we walked over to the Hart senate building only to realize we were actually in the Supreme Court building, scurried over to the correct Hart building and had lunch with a good friend and our neighbor.

Big wig sighting: John Kerry.

When my husband asked if Annabelle took a pic with Kerry, I responded that we told Kerry (very nicely) "I'm sorry but Annabelle doesn't take photos with random stranger men!"

Lunch was a lot of fun and we had a wonderful day.

Hope your Thursday was just as enjoyable! :)

At the playground, ya know!

Thats where I saw a cutie...
Since swim class was cancelled for the second week in a row due to some pump issue in the pool, we decided to take Annabelle to the playground. Not only was it daddy's first time at the playground but it was mommy and Annabelle's first time on the bus!
On the Bus :)
There are only two infant swings, so while we waited our turn, daddy blew some bubbles for Annabelle... she loves bubbles.
Then daddy got to push her on the swing. He also got to see her face full of glee and excitement while on the Swing. It's so cute!
Then we went to the slide... she didn't quite know what to make of it.
She did love just hanging out on the comfy mushy floor and stare at some of the other kids that were around :) And of course, Daddy was playing hide and seek in the jungle gym - so had Annabelle in all smiles !
It was a great Sunday morning...

First Nationals game

Today we took Annabelle to her first national's baseball game against the LA Dodgers. It was a make up game for last nights that for cancelled... It was perfect timing and perfect fall weather. We had a great family date night and Annabelle loved all the clapping going on.

Here are a couple pics :)

Sock heaven

Annabelle has this weird affinity towards feet.  Now it has gone to feet, socks, shoes and paws.

Here she is helping me with the laundry!


So Annabelle will now give kisses, sorta on demand. It's too cute...  She will do it to me, some of her dolls and she really loves to do it to her own reflection... Check out the video below

Baby led weaning/solids

Just in case you were wondering how our baby led solids were going, I thought I'd share this awesome video clip of Annabelle eating a peach by herself :)

Annabelle & Music Together

Today was the first day of the fall session of music class. A good friend recommended the Music Together Program, so we found one close by (CHAW) and enrolled. While Annabelle is the youngest in the class, she was so excited to see other kids and really enjoyed all the singing, instruments, and moving about.  It's fun to see her just look in amazement at what bigger kids do or how the teacher sings. She seems to really love all the noisy chaos as well :)

Here are a few pics from her first day!

Because it was a nice day, I decided to walk home hoping Annabelle would get in a longer nap. That did not happen, but it was still a wonderful stroll... especially b/c we got to see sites like this...
Can't beat that... definitely one of the perks of living in the district :)

8 Months Old

Dearest Annabelle,

Wow, time flies when you are having fun! I can't believe its already been 8 months since you've come into this world baby girl.  While it's hard to imagine life without you in it, it's amazing that its only been 8 months... yet the 8 months has flown by as well.

This month a lot has much so with your mobility that mommy hasn't had a chance to catch up with some of the stuff as its happening.

You still have those beautiful baby eyes that change between a grey, olive greenish color. And your stork's kiss is pretty much gone. Sometimes when you cry it reappears, but for the most part its gone.
Beautiful eyes that may still change colors, we just have to wait and see
You still have the cowlick on the top of your head just like your daddy. Your hair is growing in longer though and you are the youngest person in the world with the cutest little come over. :)  You are still pudgy even though you've lost a lot of your rolls all over. We think you gained about 1 lb this month, which is a big slow down, but in no way are you deprived. You are still in size 3 diapers and wearing some 12 month clothes but a lot of 18 month clothes b/c the 12 months are just too tight in certain spots.

You are very bubbly and have happy personality. Although, when you are unhappy, you definitely let us know. This month you have really explored the tones and pitches of your voice and will shriek with delight in the metro, walking down the street, or just while playing in the living room. You are starting to gain a little more independence playing alone for longer stretches at a time. Your independence comes a lot from your ability to move about on your own. With crawling and sitting up on her own, comes a whole different perspective.  With that, we've slowly started putting you in the stroller more. It's a transition and you are doing well... even letting mommy put you down in the stroller after you've fallen asleep in the carrier.

You are so observant and find humor in the little things. Your eyes light up when you see your daddy and its the sweetest thing in the world. Your laughing eyes are just so adorable. You have started to give mommy kisses when she asks for them... open mouthed of course, but its still wonderfully sweet (and wet!)... you notice every little sound and thing.

You have quite a few new nicknames now too and easily respond when being called. Here are the things we call you:
  • Annabelle
  • YooJin (Korean name)
  • Genius - Habee thinks you are a genius and calls you this almost daily.
  • Punchkin - Daddy calls you this... pumpkin+munchkin
  • Boo sometimes Boo Boo (but never Honey Boo Boo! Daddy also calls you this)
  • Little Belle - Grandma Hannah and Grampa Steve call you this
  • Gongkki - Your Samchon (uncle) calls you this - i have no idea why
  • AnneeBananee - Aunt Dee, Aleena and Eric call you this
  • Hippo - your cousin Markie, otherwise known as Donkey calls you this
  • Pumpkin - Your cousin Anthony calls you this
  • Baby Annabelle - Cousin Makenna calls you this 
  • Peanut - Your Aunt Staci calls you this
  • Annabelly - Aunt Bona, Eric and Aleena, and a few others
  • Annabella - Ms. Nancy calls you this
  • A. B. - Ms. Kim calls you this
We started you in your fall classes, mostly to just give you an opportunity to see and meet other children of different ages. You love yoga with mommy, swim with daddy and music is very fun too. We still have been trying to get you to story time at the library since you enjoy the company of other children so much :)

You are still sleeping a good 12 hours a night. Bedtime is about 7:30pm/8pm and you usually wake up around 7:30am/8am for the day. You are starting to have more big girl naps, doing longer stretches at a time - although that is not consistent. But mommy nurses you down in the ergo and then you fall asleep. It's our special time together.  A few nights this past week, mommy has just nursed you down in bed to your new tranquil turtle that PopPop got for you ... sans ergo. You are also letting me put you down in the stroller after you fall asleep too... that's a new thing.  One day, mommy even caught you sleep talking... that was so adorable!

Now that you are eating real big girl food, you have tried so many different things. Even meatballs, chicken, meatloaf and of course all your veggies as well. You love those veggies :) You love food and are always eager to try new things. You haven't been pooping daily either since you have started doing big girl poops (missed two days of poop but going no more than 1 day without).  They don't smell that great so daddy stays away from you and lets mommy handle that.

Our daily rituals have become a little steadier. You wake up in the mornings and facetime with your grandparents in CA.  It's usually about 5-5:30am their time but they are awake and eager to see you. Since you are mobile, but not overly mobile, I plop you on your mat and they entertain you. Grandma prays with you in the morning, and they sing and talk with you. Now you talk back by squealing and shrieking with delight. We then have a small breakfast.  After that we usually run errands, go to class or your chiropractor. Once we return or after class, you usually take a 45 minute-1hr nap. Then we have lunch. We will spend some time playing and often go downstairs to the lobby to get some fresh air and get a chance of scenery.  Before your next nap, we talk Kota on a walk. Sometimes daddy comes home before your next nap, sometimes you are asleep before he gets home but once daddy is home, he gets some quality time with you.  Mommy is trying to get her butt to the gym for some exercise and this provides some one on one time that you love. We usually eat dinner together and after dinner is when bedtime routine starts. Bath, massage, pj's, nursing, book, wind down time and then bedtime.  Our days are full of delight and now with a little predictability, mommy and daddy feel like we can start making some plans. :)

This month was full of a lot of firsts. From our first trip to California to our first classes, we've done a lot and you have grown so much this month. You are so mobile and such a happy baby. For a while (especially in month 4 during the sleep regression), it was touch and go on whether or not you would ever be consistently happy, but now with your new independence and mobility, I can honestly say you are a VERY HAPPY baby :)

Here are some things you did this month:
And here are some photos of you as you've grown! :)

We love you so much baby girl.

Love, Daddy & Mommy