Annabelle's first crawl

Well second because I missed her first crawl bc I was stepping out of the shower.

Husband yelled to me "Hun, I think she just crawled!"

"what do you mean, you think?" I said.

"hurry, she's in position again!" I I come running out of the bathroom butt naked, grab my cell phone and start recording. And this is what we saw

I was naked in our living room, recording our daughter's second crawling steps with a huge smile and tears running down my face!

Oh and I should mention she took her first big girl poop today photos attached, take my word for it :)

Big girl naps

Idk when it happened. I mean the week prior to California, she did it once or twice. Then in California she did it a couple times... But so far since California, Annabelle has been taking a big girl nap of 2+ hours.

Her schedule prior to this was wake up, play for about 2-2.5 hrs and then nap for 30-45 minutes.

Well now her schedule goes wake up, play for about 3 hours, take a 2 hour nap and then nap again for 45 minutes to an hour.

Her bedtime is still about 8 pm. Although poor to California she was sleeping closer to 7 pm and starting to wake earlier around 7 am. Now she is sleeping about 7:45-8:15 pm and waking about 8:30-9:00 am.

Either way, I'm excited about this bigger block of sleep. Hoping I can be more productive during this time. I also am hoping that as she stays on this schedule as we are gearing up for her mommy and me yoga and music classes and daddy and me swim classes starting in September!

Just wanted to share a couple cute pictures from today!
In her new outfit from her Aunt Michelle... she loves it!
Getting kisses from Lucca, a friend who lives in our building!

Sitting up

So apparently, in the next few days, my life is over as we know it...

Annabelle has begun to sit up on her own.  That's right - the pivotal step right before crawling forward... and she has accomplished it today while chatting with grandparents via facetime.  This is her second time doing it - her first was very fluid and quick.  I put her back on her tummy so i could get it on video!  She struggled a little more than her first time - but she still sat up on her own. In the background you hear my parents cheering her on!

So i guess... its a matter of days where she will be moving forward. she's got crawling "backwards" down even though its not her intention ...


California Trip {Day 6}

Day 6 was a sad day... it was our last morning in California... all the chaos of family and friends was coming to an end, but while it was sad to leave - it was exciting that we had such an amazing trip full of great memories

The morning started off with Annabelle digging into some porridge that Grandma made especially for her... of course, b/c eating food on her own is messy - breakfast ended with Annabelle getting a sink bath (again) from Grandma!
She also just hung out a bit while grandma papparazzied her

Grandpa got in some quality time with Annabelle as well...
Here is a photo of us at the airport. This was before the tears. Grandpa was quite sad to see his little "genius" go
Here are some photos from our plane ride which was uneventful... but for a few squeaks when she was hungry - Annabelle was a perfect angel (again!!), how could we be so lucky? Well, since she didn't cry - she couldn't let us off completely, so she decided to drop a bomb right as we were landing - so no time to clean it... and she stunk up the whole plane! Ok, well not the whole plane but at least our aisle! :)

California Trip {Day 5}

On our last full day in CA, we headed back up to my parents house to spend the day with them.We still had a jam packed day of visits ahead and we only hoped Annabelle wouldn't have a complete melt down :) Luckily for us, she loved the visits.

Here she is with a visit from one of my oldest friends... we've known each other since jr. high. She brought over her two kids - her son being the closest in age to Annabelle - a couple months older. They were so adorable...
We also had a visit from one of my bestest friends Sophia. She was someone who was in my wedding but not standing up as a bridesmaid. In fact, she chose not to be in our wedding party so she could cater the wedding. She and her staff served our guests some magnificent Brasilian BBQ from her restaurant By Brazil BBQ (in Torrance, CA). We still get compliments about the food until this day.

Sophia came by for a quick visit in between her errands for the restaurant. This was special to me b/c she just moved back from Hawaii and she's someone I love dearly.

Later that evening, we got a visit from my cousins! They would be Annabelle's 2nd cousins, but in Korean culture, we just say Aunts! 

It was a very very busy day... but we luckily were able to get in a lot of visits... Lucky for Ms. Annabelle - she has a lot of aunties who love her dearly!

California Trip {Day 4}

Sunday was a busy day as we had only a few hours left to hang out in SD before we headed back up to my brother's home. In the morning we had some play time for the kids. Annabelle loved playing in Lauren Unni's toys...
Playing in Lauren's toys
Enjoying Lauren's Playroom... what a nice room!
Loving hanging out with Lauren Unni!
Then we visited the second baseball stadium of our trip - Petco Park. The Padres were playing the Giants. Lucky for us, my friend's husband got us some stellar seats right behind home plate in the premier club area and it was in the shade - perfect for the babies.
Baseball game #2 - What great seats we had at PetCo!
They even have a little kids baseball field and super nice playground area for smaller kids in the park.

Here are a few pics before we left my friend's house... she was an amazing hostess for us and made our trip to CA so much easier - lending us her car seat, pack and play, and stroller !! Made traveling this trip so much easier!

And a photo of us... 

and a photo of Annabelle and I...

On the way home from San Diego, headed back to my brothers
When we got to my brother's, he had already flown out for his work week but my sil and nephew and niece were so excited to see Annabelle again!

California Trip {Day 3}

Day 3 involved a lot of firsts as well... it was Annabelle's first distant encounter with the Pacific Ocean while driving down the 5 Freeway (in a lot of traffic), it was her first wedding party she attended, it was the first time she met one of my dear friends and her daughter, and it was her first trip to San Diego.

It was a whirlwind of a day just like the trip has been but it was fun nonetheless.

Of course the day started out with family from the onset, as Annabelle woke up at 6am ready to play. Luckily Halmee and Habee were awake and waiting.  We spent the morning with them and hit the road around noon


We didn't anticipate THIS much traffic... i hadn't made this trip since early 2000's so had no idea how congested it had gotten. we made it in one piece and that is all that matters!
Driving down the 5 in traffic... the pacific coastline just in the distance and the pacific ocean beyond that!
Playing peek a boo to keep the little one entertained after her short nap on the trip down.
Then we went to my friends wedding... well sorta wedding. It was a party to celebrate the marriage of two dear friends. Thus, a wedding but not really - it was a casual yet very chic party at their new home. Here are some photos we took while there. I wish we had more of the actual party b/c it was pretty awesome. From a taco bar, crepe bar to shaved ice in the evening - the food was awesome. There were bacon wrapped dates, macarons, cheese station, sangria and so many little details that just made the party VERY fun! Annabelle was a rock star and we had a great time!

With the beautiful "bride". Two of my very close friends whom I love dearly. They both are strong pillars in my very core and foundation as a person!
Two of my cali favorites!
It was first time Annabelle met Auntie Bo!
With the "groom"... he's been around us for a LONG time!
What a beautiful patio! Check out her shoes!
Group photo with three ladies who have been with me through thick and thin!!! A lot of ups and downs and they still love me! :)
A group Photo of us :)
What a beautiful day, it was a beautiful party with delicious food and great people! We had a blast and the trip was totally worth it for these two friends who i'm happy to say are finally husband and wife! :) Yay! Still have a couple more days left to cover, stay tuned! :)