Roll over

So guess who decided to roll over today!

That's right. Annabelle rolled over not once but twice!!! Thank God bc neither the hubby nor I saw it the first time! I came out of the restroom to find her on her tummy after I left her on her back!! I asked hubby if she rolled over. He seemed oblivious and our friend who was visiting said she saw it but didn't register it was her first time!!

I was so sad I missed it but later in the evening she did it again. And as she paused before the last part to fully get over, I was able to call the hubby over ad we witnessed it together!!!

Yay. Here is a photo of the aftermath of her roll!!! And photo of Annabelle with our friend !

Baby Led Weaning - Avocados

So our first attempt at feeding Annabelle solids didn't go so well. It was poor planning on my part and over eagerness to offer her something that probably led to an unsuccessful attempt. Annabelle has a bumbo type chair - but its a Prince Lionheart brand. Supposedly has bigger spots for chubbier legs. I tried putting her in the chair before but she just kinda slumped to the side, so until this day, I did not try again.

Well it seems that small window we had where she fit in this chair had passed b/c her legs barely fit...
We tried to put the attaching tray on but it just wouldn't fit over her thighs :( So instead i still sat her in it and offered her the avocado knowing full well that not having an appropriate spot for her to eat wouldn't be helpful to her. and low and behold she really only wanted to lick and eat the plate :(

Here's a few pics of her with her Avocado!

Better luck to us next time!

Yummy toes!

Guess who finally got her right set of toes in her mouth! Yay!

It actually happened on June 27 but mommy missed it while cooking dinner. Daddy got to see her first toe sucking! Mommy got a photo today of it... Adorable right?

Teeths, Fo' Real!

So now when I say Teeths, I mean it!! Last night Annabelle woke up at 1 am in a crying mess. Po' thing had been bothered by her teeth late evening but after falling asleep a little late, she awoke quite upset.

She was screaming and crying for about ten minutes... The uncontrollable kind of crying but settled down fairly quickly after a dose of Tylenol!

Po' baby. I thought it could be her tooth popping through and I was right.

This morning I used my clean finger and rubbed it across her gums, her lower right tooth has popped as well. Now she's got two lower teeth coming through ! Yay!

I can't photograph them yet but they are definitely there when I feel for them.

For some reason it makes me happy to confirm my hunch that her tooth was cutting...good thing I checked last night before bed too bc I know for sure it cut over night!

Our little Annabelle has been a trooper. I can't imagine how much it hurts. She's been drooling lots too but has been in a decent mood otherwise!

She is growing up so fast !

Here's a few funny photos we took this weekend while my brother is visiting!


Well, really its A TOOTH, but yessiree bob, I felt Annabelle's first tooth that cut through this morning. This tooth hadn't cut yesterday so it must have happened during that 24 hr period. I was so shocked and excited to feel the tooth.

Because I couldn't really see it, I can't take a photo of it... but here is Annabelle this morning. Playing with her Sophie!

and if not Sophie in her mouth, her hand/s are always in there. She's been licking her gums a lot with her tongue and lower lip. I think she feels the tooth and is exploring it :)

And just to be sure I wasn't imagining thing, we walked to see Daddy and he felt for her tooth too. Here's a photo of Annabelle on our walk!

I know its more exciting to me than to others, but I just had to share! It's also exciting ot know why she's been so bad with her sleep lately. Although last night was a great night for us, so I'm hopeful we can get her back into a good sleep schedule! :)

Father's Day Recap

Father's day went by so quickly. It was a busy and tiring weekend for us but it was well worth it. We drove up to NJ just for the night. The car ride there was tough. Annabelle was not a fan of the drive. She cried for 1/3 of the trip, slept for 1/3, and let me entertain her for 1/3 of it. I guess it wasn't so bad but the trip down when she slept for 90% of the ride was much nicer. I guess that was her actual Father's Day gift to her father since we drove down on Sunday. Here are a few pics from the weekend!
Waking up in the morning to say "Happy Father's Day" to her wonderful father! :)
Spending some quality time with her "old man". I came out of the shower to find the two of them just staring out the window. Daddy was pointing out all the different things Annabelle was seeing!
Father's Day outfit :)
PopPop and Annabelle. I believe this may have even been the first time he held her. After holding her, he said "well she definitely has some weight to her!" LOL
3 Generations!
Our father's day was great... i hope y'all had a great weekend as well! :)

Happy Father's Day

To the husband who is the magic behind the scenes... who never gets enough credit, but without whom I could not be the mother that I am. I look forward to seeing you and our daughter continue to grow in your relationship... I love you so much!

Happy Father's Day!

5 months Old

Dearest Annabelle,

Today marks your 5th month of being alive! :) Hooray! We have survived.

I have to say so far, this was the toughest month to get through.  While you marked your 3rd month with sleeping through the night, your 4th month was complete sleep regression. It's been tough figuring out your growing pains with you but even though challenging, the good moments far outweigh the tough ones.

You started off this month with some new milestones in development. Grabbing up a storm. Everything you grabbed you tried to put in your mouth!
Starting to grab things with your hands!
Your eyesight must have improved a lot because you now focus in on things. Especially when it comes to sports. Just like your father, you love to watch espn... no matter where we go.
Just like your father, you love sports!
This also makes it more fun for your grandparents when you have your video chats with them.
Daily face time chats with her halmi and habi (grandparents)
This new skill of seeing every little thing also means you have noticed your brother and friend Kota... you are spending much more time with him and even attempted to put him in your mouth.
Spending some time with Kota
1st Tornado Warning/Thunderstorm
This sleep regression has forced mommy and daddy to get quite creative. Some nights we try rocking you to sleep, other nights we nurse you down, and yet other nights we take family walks to help get you in the mood for night nights. Many nights you indicate that you want to sleep with yawns and eye rubs, but you fight it the whole way through. We are experimenting with different bed times to see what will work best for you. Until then, we do what we can to soothe you into dream land!
A French Fry in the District, on one of our many evening walks!
We do our best to help you get through the tough moments. The teething has been pretty tough. Some moments you are just content chomping down on anything you can... including hands!
Teething much?
A few times, you have been in so much pain that we gave you some infant tylenol to help soothe you. It's been tough on mommy to see you cry. Some nights, I cry with you.

This month marks a lot of milestones and changes. You are currently still in 6-9 month clothes but have almost outgrown anything that is just 6 months. You have transitioned to size 3 diapers. You are also still being exclusively breastfed for a number of reasons... despite what your pediatrician and both grandmothers say, mommy and daddy are holding off just a little bit longer until you are ready for solids.

 Your weight has increased from 16lbs 12 oz to 18lbs 3 oz and an estimated height increase of 3/4 of an inch from 25.75 inches to 26.50 inches. Your head seems to have increased half an inch to 16.5 inches. It wouldn't be wrong to say you are definitely an adorably chunky little lady.
Showing off your leg warmers
Happy Girl in her new outfit!
You are more expressive than you've been before. Smiles come to strangers who oohh and aahh at you. You still don't like to be held by others and love mommy to hold you, but you don't mind being chatted up.
Just because its funny and cute!
You just started to notice your feet. You see them and have attempted to grab at them a few times. While they allude your mouth still, you are using them to do other things.
Grabbing things with your feet!
You still seem to hate the car seat. Possibly more so now than you did with the infant car seat. The infant car seat you hated being still, but now with the convertible car seat, you hate when we are in motion. It's quite hectic on those days we try to go to the grocery store or elsewhere and you are very fussy.

You also still dislike your stroller. We have removed the infant car seat and you sit in the big girl part of the stroller and you STILL don't like it. Mommy never leaves home without the ergo - so, when you start to fuss, you go right into that and we just continue on walking. You love being right up on mommy which is great. On those really hot and humid days, mommy just reminds herself that soon you won't want to be that attached so I cherish those moments with you. 

You are quite the yapper now. Especially while watching baseball games with your daddy. You talk and talk. The sound of your giggle always delights us. Some days I play "super man" with you and have you fly through the air while mommy lays on the ground holding you up. You seem to love that!

You love to stare at us while we eat. You even mimick us eating. But when mommy offers you a slice of something, you have yet to reach for the food. This tells us that you aren't ready for solids quite yet. But we are watching for signs that you will be ready quite soon!

You have yet to roll over still (thank GOD) and mommy is in no rush to get you off and moving. Mommy knows once that happens, there is no turning back. So we are happily letting you take your time with that development.

This month we also have you in a crib! But fear not, the crib is three sided and attached to the side of the bed so it just basically extends our bed to give us more room to cuddle! :) (A neighbor gave us their barely used crib and we couldn't say no to such a generous gift!) You seem to love it so far and we still hold hands while you sleep. Some nights, Mommy feels you are too far but i see you sleeping peacefully and just fall asleep to the steady rhythm of your breath!

Here are some firsts for you this month!
  • You celebrated your first Memorial Day
1st Memorial Day
  • Meeting your Uncle Jimmy for the first time
Meeting Uncle Jimmy for the first time!
  • Trying out your new exer-saucer - and experiencing your first stubbed pinky toe.
Enjoying the exer-saucer
Here are some other 5 month photos taken today!

Here you are with Kota. You definitely stare at him more and try to touch him (or put him in your mouth). He is warming up to you as well. But since he likes to plop down ON people, we are keeping a good eye on him... as his affections could hurt you ! :)
a few photos of you... before you plunged forward and went kaput.

And a photo with daddy and mommy!

You are growing so beautifully everyday. While some days are challenging b/c of this whole sleep issue (and daddy jokes that you are trying to become an only child), Mommy and Daddy have loved every moment with you. Some days we need to remind ourselves that we are shaping and molding a human being and that keeps us focused and re-energized, but other days you just make it so much fun to be parents!

We love you ... so very much!


Daddy & Mommy

Annabelle's 1st visit to the Chiropractor

After a few hard nights last week, the Hubby and I contemplated changing Annabelle's medication. Things were getting tense in our home as Annabelle has regressed in sleep and we couldn't figure out what it was. Was it her reflux? Was it her teething? Was this normal? All the questions us first time parents ask ourselves.  During this time, I, of course researched the internet. Amidst my research, I was advised that a chiropractor could help.

I reached out to a list serve I am part of and found a great recommendation. Dr. Anthony Noya in Tenleytown came highly recommended by several people off this list serve, my doula, and my friend/yoga instructor who was a completely independent recommendation. So Annabelle and I made our way there to meet him.

Dr. Noya is also a BirthCare dad - 3 home births. He was very knowledgeable and very interested in all things Annabelle. He told us that our bodies are meant to heal themselves naturally. Sometimes however, as the brain tries to communicate with our spinal cord, if our spine is out of whack, it can make the nerves send out the wrong messages. So his hope is to fix the alignment, which in turn should help to alleviate any side issues this mis-alignment may have caused.

We have a series of visits ahead of us but he was very pleased with Annabelle's progress prior to our visit. He said many reflux babies are so skinny b/c they don't want to eat b/c of the pain. So he was happy that Annabelle was "thriving" and "so healthy".

While our insurance won't cover this out of pocket expense until we hit our deductible, we are confident that Annabelle is in great hands with Dr. Noya and highly recommend him. We hope to see some changes in the next few weeks as he gets her aligned :)

I am hoping not only does her reflux clear but that her constantly turning her head over her right shoulder will balance out a bit as well.

The Zoo

On Sunday, we ventured out to the Smithsonian National Zoo for the Hubby's firm picnic. While we didn't see any animals and just enjoyed the picnic festivities (it was stinking hot), we had a great time. Annabelle was ready for the zoo... she even had her own giraffe and dogs to take with her

Here is a picture of us under the big white tent waiting to eat (upper left), then Annabelle reclining in her stroller chilling (right) and then Annabelle by the time we left (lower left). She was EXHAUSTED!.

Art & Jazz

Annabelle attended her first Art Showing at a friend's Studio on Friday afternoon. It was her first time at an event like this and she loved it.
The bright colors of all the art work really had her mesmerized and she loved how the colors popped off the wall. Looks like Daddy better start making more $ to afford her refined tastes! Another splash of culture that evening for Annabelle was Jazz in the Sculpture Garden down at the National Mall. It was the first time she attended this event and it was very fun. Here's a photo of Annabelle with Daddy sitting in the grass. The place was packed but luckily some friends got there early and staked out a spot.
Here's a photo of us before we ducked out a little early. It started to get way too crowded and she was pooped!

Sleep Regression

is a term that I am only hearing about in the last 24 hours. Upon the advice of a neighbor and friend, after hearing me complain of Annabelle's decline of sleep in the past 2 weeks and her behavior, I googled "4 month sleep regression."  Low and behold there are tons of hits for that term.  So what did i do when Annabelle woke up only 2.5 hours after being put down for the night? I nursed her as she needed and as I allowed her to digest in an upright position on me to assist with her reflux issues, I one handedly begun my research of this topic. Luckily for this post (not so lucky for me), I also was able to continue my research at 3:45 am - only 2.5 hours after her last feeding. Yay Me!

Many sites that I visited pointed to this great site by Ask Moxie as a great post that explains sleep regressions and why they occur.  Aside from stating that "regression" is a misleading term to use, she explains the phases that infants go through in regards to their physical and mental development and that these phases interfere with a child's sleep pattern. And while it is somewhat common for a baby to start sleeping through the night from 2 months to 3 months, that around the 4 month phase sleep habits start to "regress." 

"Your baby is also going through enormous developmental spurts that you can't see, because they're dealing with cognitive processes. They work through these spurts the same way they work through the physical spurts, but when your baby is practicing recognizing patterns, you can't see that. Leading up to the actual new skill the baby is going to go through several weeks of intense brain work and prep that you can't necessarily see (unless you know specifically what to look for). One of the side effects of this brain work is that they don't sleep as well as they do during times in which they're not about to master a new skill. They may seem restless in the night (like they do sometimes when mastering a physical skill) but it's just nothing you can see and label. So we call it a sleep regression." (Ask Moxie)

According to this book referenced by Ask Moxie called The Wonder Weeks, these spurts happen at weeks 5, 8, 12, 19, 26, 37, 46, and 55. I read somewhere these weeks are also based off your estimated due dates and not date of birth.

Another great post I found helpful was by The Troublesome Tots titled The Thing about Sleep Regression. This post goes into detail about what happens during a sleep regression and a few tips on how to live through one. She also has some other posts in regards to sleep that you may find helpful in your search for your right approach to getting your child to sleep.

According to this post, the four main things in a sleep regression that we as parents see is that 1) sleep stops 2) fussiness starts 3) eating endlessly and 4) babies need to be held. 

The Clever Father has a FAQ sheet he created on sleep regressions. According to him, sleep is interrupted by a few culprits:
  • Illness
  • Growth spurt
  • Teething
  • Changes in room temperature (Is it too hot or too cold?)
  • Developmental milestones (learning to sit up, roll, or crawl for example.)
He suggests tackling these issues and that will help to ease the regression.

After doing all this research in the wee hours of my sleepless night, I am inclined to say that Annabelle may be going through this spurt. Technically at 19 weeks, she would hit this spurt. Seeing that she was 2.5 weeks early, this spurt would come a little later for her.... as in now.

So, initially my heart was aching that our baby girl was having more reflux issues and after reading all this information, I am now wondering if she ever had reflux issues or if that was one of the spurts that we misinterpreted. I do believe the Zantac helped b/c a lot of the symptoms that wouldn't be symptoms unless she had reflux disappeared. But now I know that she is most likely doing well on the zantac, no need to change to a stronger medicine and we just need to cope with this regression more as an exciting milestone than as a nuisance. I'm fortunate that i was able to nap with her for 1.5 hours after we initially woke this morning. Mommy needed the rest...

Anybody else experience something like this? Any tips? Anything useful?

Annabelle's First Trip to the Park

Sadly, this was our first time going to the park as a family (aside from the National Mall) but it was still a fun time. We were meeting up with some other families that were part of our Bradley Class. I thought some other husbands were going to show up, but sadly, my Hubby was the only dude there ... we still had a great time even though we had to bail out early to run some errands before Hubby had to go back to work.

We've been trying Annabelle out in the big girl part of the stroller. She's not loving it yet as she doesn't stay upright well on her own, but i do think she likes it better that she can see outwards.  Here she is with Daddy walking along the pathway at Oronoco Bay Park.

Here is Annabelle sans bow laying on the blanket... she was a little confused as to what was going on.

Here are the four of us... with our four babies. 

Here I am with Annabelle. She was passed out by the time we left... po' little thing!