Annabelle's Christening & Baek Il (백일) {Photos}

So since I'm a photo happy person but have been slacking lately, getting good family photos for Annabelle for her Christening and 100 days was very important to me. While it was bad weather, my father in law was a trooper and used his walker to come out and stand for these photos. It makes me really happy that we were able to get these photos! The whole event (aside from the weather) was perfect and I am so glad the effort was worth it for us!

My In-Laws
My In-Laws without the married spouses.
Just our family with my in-laws
Grandparents with their grandchildren
Annabelle with her paternal grandparents
Both sides of the family... mine and my in-laws
Our whole family (including cousins) that attended
All the grandchildren
Annabelle with her maternal grandparents
Our family with my parents
Our whole family
My brother's family with my parents
Our family without our spouses
Grandparents with the grandchildren
Three generations... my brother, father and nephew
My brother and sil with Annabelle
Annabelle with her Samchon/Uncle and Godfather
Annabelle with her god parents
Our family with Annabelle's God parents (Uncle and Aunt)
Annabelle with her Aunt/God Mother
Our family
Annabelle with her 2 Aunts (My 2 cousins)
Annabelle with one of my best friends from law school!
Annabelle and I with good friends of the family!
Annabelle with her Uncle Leon!
Annabelle with her cousin/my niece.
We had a lot of photos taken very quickly... when Annabelle was awake was key and then also so my father in law did not have to stand too long. I'm sure we missed a few photos but we did our best. Having a list of who was in what photo definitely helped... and of course Kristen and Catchlight Photography was awesome and efficient!

Annabelle's Christening & Baek Il (백일) {The Party}

Did I mention that it poured on Sunday? Yes, we went from wonderfully sunny and warm weather (in the high 70's) and then it dropped more than 20 degrees and rained Sunday. Just in time for Annabelle's special day. We shouldn't be surprised as it rained on our wedding day in Southern California!!! We had hoped the rain wouldn't follow Annabelle but having us as parents probably jinxed her.

Luckily we had ordered the tent ahead of time as we had planned for an outdoor backyard affair. Despite the rain, our guests were troopers and endured the cold temperatures for our little girl and we all had a good time.

Here are some photos (all taken by Kristen at Catchlight Photography) of the party decor.

The main dessert and Baek Il table was accentuated with a gorgeous handmade banner from Beantown Baby Crafts
The table had desserts and the dduk (rice cakes) and fruit to symbolize prosperity.
The balloons are from Korea. We blew them up the night before but due to the cold weather they weren't staying up, so we tied them to a pole. It worked out
Cupcakes are from Jersey Girl Cupcakes. Our guests were raving about how delicious they are!
Don't they look delicious?
I made some chocolate covered pretzels
Her whipped cream cake with a bavarian cream center.
Korean rice cakes (dduk) with sesame seed center
More rice cakes
Her Main cake made of rice and raisins. It says "chuk baek il" Happy 100 days!
Here's a photo of our guests enjoying the festivities... you could hardly tell it was pouring rain and freezing cold!!

Annabelle's Christening & Baek Il (백일) {The Christening}

Our beloved Annabelle celebrated her christening and Baek Il on April 22, 2012. It was a wonderful day and a big occasion for us as our whole family got together in New Jersey to celebrate this special day.

Her actual Baek Il landed on Sunday April 22, so it was perfect to have her christening on the same day. My whole (nuclear) family came from California (my two eldest nephews missed it due to school) and we spent the weekend together with Annabelle and my in-laws. It meant a lot to us to be able to have this reunion of sorts and a very good reason for our celebration.

The Baek Il signifies Annabelle's first 100 days of life outside the womb but also her first year of life as conception is considered the beginning of her life (if she had made it full term, her 100 days would fall on the 1 year anniversary of my ovulation date). At her 100 days, she would be considered 1 years old which would explain why in "Korean age" they always count one more year than what we normally count as age here in the states. 100 days is also significant because in the old days, many babies did not survive.

So we celebrate!!!

Here are a few photos from the church... before we went up to have her christened Annabelle decided she would poop... TWICE! So she stunk!!! She started to fuss after she pooped but luckily she was so fatigued she fell asleep when i started to bounce her in the pew. She stayed quiet (but stinky) through the christening.
She didn't make a peep as he poured water over her head.
The Reverend introduced her to the congregation by walking her up and down the aisle for all the church to see.
One of my favorite photos of her uncle holding her and her grandfather giving her love!
Meeting my cousin/her aunt and my nephew/her cousin for the first time that weekend!
Us with the Reverend
God parents/Siblings with the Reverend (and our niece/my god daughter who just fell down the stairs so needed to be near her mommy for this photo!)

A nice family photo...
I quickly snuck out after the christening to have her changed and we proceeded to stay in the back of the church for the rest of the time. She stayed asleep and was quiet throughout. I'd say she's a good girl, but even if she fussed and cried she would still be a good girl to me :)

All photos are courtesy of Kristen from Catchlight Photography. (Check out her Facebook page here!)

Happy BaekIl to Annabelle

I can't believe it's already your 100 day celebration! I can't believe you are here. It was less than a year ago you were conceived (your own fault, you came early!) and so much has changed since that magical day we found out you were going to be joining our family.

Just 100 days ago, you were this...

and we couldn't even dress you properly...
You were tiny enough that I could hold you in one arm...
and now you are your own person with your own mind (sorta)...
and you are always so cool
and you continue to grow into a beautiful little lady...
and most days I sit and stare at you and wonder how the heck I was so lucky to be able to say you are our daughter!

We love you little one... more than you know. You thrill us and even on the hardest of days when we can't figure out what we are doing wrong, a small little smile or smirk can make our hearts melt.

You are beautiful... inside and out. Thank you for being our daughter and allowing us to be your parents!

We love you so much,

Your family... Daddy, Mommy & Kota