Spoiled Little Princess

Our Annabelle is so loved and so spoiled. She just received this in the mail today from her grandpa...

I love how my father will jump at the chance to do anything to improve his communications and video chats with her, but when it was just me... well, not so much! lol ... All joking aside though, its really sweet how eager our families have been to do all they can to see her on a very regular basis.

With the distance between us, these are the days I truly am grateful for all this technology that we have! :)

Easter Bunny Photos

Annabelle received a beautiful pink easter dress from her grandmother (my mil) for her very first Easter. Although it is not Easter yet, I decided to take her to the local mall to have her photo taken with the Easter Bunny.

She had just woken up from a short nap as we walked the mall to do some other errands, but I really can't say that is why she had the expression on her face that she has. Since we still can't get her to smile on command (i make her sound like a puppy, don't i?), I feel that these photos were still a success. She isn't smiling but she isn't crying...  LOL

Here they are!
"Get me away from this bunny mama!!!"

Hmmm, i think i just pooted!

Nope, It may have been a shart!!!
Personally, the third one i think is the cutest, b/c its just so funny! Either way, at least I got these photos for her to look back on and see what i did to torture her the first year of her life!

The Culprit: Teething... we think.

So the process of teething is a long and arduous one. Most of Annabelle's symptoms would lead us to believe that she is in the painful process of teething (not sure when that starts normally - for us it was Saturday; and not sure how long that will last.)

Per a friend's suggestion, we tried Camilia Teething Medicine
Source: Camilia Teething Medicine
The first time i tried it on Annabelle, she instantly stopped crying. She sucked this medicine down and just stared around the room. I think a smile broke out across her face.

This however only lasted a few moments. Whether its my own fault for offering her the boob or if it was that the medicine didn't last that long, either way, it only lasted a few minutes.

After rocking her and settling her down, which was another 10 minutes. She stayed content for a little bit but when she started to fuss again without any sign of calming down, we gave her another dose.

This second dose didn't work as immediately as the first. She continued to fuss but not as loudly. It was more whiney like she was fading but still had something to say. Instead of offering her the boob, I stood up with her. She stayed content this way for a while. Longer than the first go around. Eventually, I did sit down with her and gave her the boob. She was hungry enough at this point or maybe tired enough, that she was able to latch with no hesitation. She ate herself content and then fell asleep.

Does this product work? I think so. I'm not saying it will stop the crying, but so far it has helped. Granted we are only using it when she's at her worst but luckily its homeopathic, no side effects and no risk of overdosing.

Whether it's teething or something else, the nights have not been as bad as Saturday night. Hopefully that was the peak of things (probably not) but what we are keeping in mind is that "this too shall pass" and we are just trying to make things as comfortable as they can be for her. Luckily, I have great support. When I'm seemingly at my end point of thing to try, the Husband steps in to give me relief. This has left us both with the ability to be sane through this all. And we are grateful b/c we know its not as bad as many other people's experiences.

The great thing about her cranky butt crying so much? She slept 5 hours last night... yay! This is great news for us as her gradual progression has been 3 hrs, then 4 hrs, and now 5 hrs! Hopefully this is a trend that keeps moving forward :)

Colic? Teething? Gas?

This weekend was difficult. While having a baby has been an overwhelming joy, it has also been overwhelming. I'm a problem solver and often times, with a baby, there is no way to problem solve. Babies will cry to communicate hunger, unhappiness, pain, grumpiness, or just plain cry to cry. We try to first make sure that she is not hungry, in pain, in a wet diaper, over hot, over cold or over tired. This weekend, we were at our wit's end and it was both tiring and frustrating. Especially for me, a problem solver... I was helpless.

Saturday was a normal day. We stayed indoors b/c of the bad weather and Annabelle seemed ok. It wasn't until mid afternoon that I realized she had not slept well through out the day and her cries seemed to be one of "i'm tired, i want to sleep but i'm fighting it". A couple of times throughout this period, her cries seemed to indicate pain but we couldn't figure out from where. We bathed her which seemed to help momentarily. Her normal go-to's: the "shhhh"ing sounds, rocking her, walking with her, bouncing her, faucet water, nursing, the pacifier... all those things would not work. Let me rephrase: some things worked for a moment, and then would not work. Finally after over 6 hours of this, per my husband's suggestion, we loaded ourselves into the car and took her for a drive. She finally fell asleep. She slept well through the night, waking only to eat.

Sunday was better. But it was not great. We took her for a walk. We made sure she napped - even if it was on me for 3 hrs. She seemed less fussy and more in pain when she cried. Again, we made sure she wasn't hungry, in pain, over heated or over cold. She kept refusing to nurse or refusing the pacifier which was very odd. Finally at some point, the bouncing of daddy while she laid in his arms and he sang softly to her did it and she passed out... for the moment.

It wasn't until someone mentioned that she could be teething (even as early as 10 weeks) that it confirmed a suspicion i had earlier in the weekend. She was slobbering much much more than normal, she refused the pacifier (only playing with it in her mouth and spitting it out), and her eating habits were changing. I put the side of my pinky in her mouth and she vigorously rubbed her gums on them. Usually she sucks, but this time it wasn't her normal sucking.

So we busted out all the teething toys we have at this time. We tried a few things and she seemed to start gnawing on some stuff. We froze one of them and she would bite and rub her gums on those and then spit it out.

I don't know if it is teething or not but what i do know is I am not ready for her to be teething already. I thought this was something far off for us. That we'd have time to enjoy this little baby as a newborn but i'm quickly realizing she is not a newborn anymore. She is an infant... a quickly growing infant and i better pick up the pace.

If anybody has any experience in what we are going through... hours of crying, arching her back at the boob, screams of pain (or so it seems), excessive drooling, fist in mouth,  and change of sleep patterns - we'd appreciate any insight into this.

The hardest part of this difficult time is not that its difficult on us, but that our Annabelle seems so unhappy and we just want to take away that pain/discomfort from her so she can be her normal happy self. **sigh** motherhood... an overwhelmingly happy and an overwhelmingly helpless time!

Cherry Blossoms 2012

This week the Cherry Blossoms bloomed in DC. So Annabelle and I went down to the tidal basin, not once... but TWICE this week. I didn't take my SLR with me as my focus was on Annabelle, but I did get a few pics... here they are!
Here is Annabelle starting to awake from her nap. Her friend Maddie is in the background
She fell back asleep
Mommy & Annabelle...
Maddie saying Hi to Baby Annabelle
Another one of mommy & Annabelle
My good friend Janelle with Little Annabelle
Daddy & Annabelle
Daddy & Annabelle by the Tidal Basin
By a beautiful blooming tree
Mommy & Annabelle

Family Photo
Family photo with more tree and less of Kota LOL
The blossoms are definitely in bloom, so if you are around - check out the tidal basin. More trees have been planted so the area looks fuller than it did last year! It's real warm out too - a great time to enjoy the outdoors!

Update on the lil' one

After a trip to the pediatricians (all by myself, thank you very much), the result is what I figured it'd be... nothing really.

I know that something irritated Annabelle last Tuesday (13th) and I figure it was something I ate over the weekend. I saw slight poop discoloration and a speck of blood. It however was slight and was getting better, so i just kept monitoring it.

It was changing towards a better color so i didn't even mention it really at the 2 month check up when she got her vaccinations.

She received the Rotavirus orally, DTAP and the Prevnar... as we know, it was a really traumatic experience.

We expected her to be fussy, irritable and crying for the next few days but that's not what happened.

The first night she slept... a lot. This in turn made her "schedule" on Friday delay so that she didn't go to bed til 1 am after an hour or so of fussing. Aside from her schedule being messed up, her poop continued to get worse. More mucousy. More Green. Less Yellow. Less Curdy. She would struggle a bit more. Cry out a little more. Just all in all seemed more uncomfortable.

Sunday night we saw the 2 streaks of blood in her green mucousy poop. More than we ever saw before, but we knew it wasn't a ton. To be safe, I called the nurses' line the next morning and we went in.

Before we went in, I googled it. Google is your best friend and worst enemy sometimes. All the results told me this is an issue. Vaccines do cause these side effects. What i didn't know was that many vaccines have milk proteins in them. Thus causing an already unhappy gut lining, to become even more unhappier. Many posts said that the Drs would deny the vaccines were causing these unhappy side effects and telling parents to just wait it out. Many of these parents had already told their Dr's of the milk protein issue their child faced.  There are many articles/posts/etc about how vaccines do cause allergies and many kids have reactions at this early of an age. 

This was all very worrisome to me. I abstain from dairy products so that this milk protein intolerance does not become a milk protein Allergy. If these vaccines later cause our daughter to have a full blown allergy, i would be very upset.

Of course, when I went to see the Dr. (A different person in the practice we attend), she said she didn't think the vaccine caused the problem but that it didn't help the problem either. That we should call if it gets substantially worse, but that right now its just irritation that should go away in a week or so. She also suggested to not skip the rotavirus vaccine as this is one you can opt out of. She also said the other two vaccines could not have caused this b/c they do not enter her gastric passages.

I walked out feeling... well, as expected. I knew the blood wasn't a huge issue b/c most posts said it had to be substantial but i fear that her 4 months shot will just get her body all irritated again.

This is really frustrating and i do worry about all the extra "stuff" they put into these vaccines that are causing these side effects. I realize we want to vaccinate her but now i'm wondering the best way to do this. :-/

St. Patty's Day Weekend

A little late, but Happy St. Patrick's Day Y'all... I hope your weekend was sun filled and fun. Ours was awesome as my brother came to visit for the weekend to spend some time with Annabelle. It has been almost 2 full months since he's last seen her, so he was thrilled to see her... He flew in Friday and walked in the door. Put his stuff down. I offered to hang up his coat. Then i asked if he'd like to change and get comfy after he washed his hands ... he said "No, I wanna hold Annabelle!!!"
Still in his vest, tie and suit pants - Annabelle drooled all over his nice work clothes!!!

After sleeping decently Thursday night after her shots, Friday night was not so great. Annabelle's schedule was a bit thrown off which meant so was her witching hour. Whether it was irritability from her shots or her fussiness or a combination, we stayed up until 1 before she fell asleep. Not a great night for us and probably the latest she's ever gone down. We took turns rocking her to soothe her...

The next day was St. Patrick's Day... in the morning, I got up to get a hair cut (yay!) after 5 months of no hair care while my brother and husband watched the wee lil' one... she fell asleep on my brother's chest and stayed there until i got back.  Not a great photo, I caught my bro mid-blink - but cute nonetheless!

We stepped out for a quick lunch on this beautiful day... Annabelle had her special outfit on, courtesy of our friends!

Her little dress had a four leaf clover on it as well... so adorable! Here are a few other photos we took while enjoying the nice patio for lunch...

We then spent the rest of the day indoors enjoying some family fun. Saturday night was a little better in that she fell asleep closer to 11pm, which isn't too abnormal but she was still irritable and fussy.

She had a happy day on Sunday as we all just hung out. We slept in to make up for (my) lost sleep the night before. But last night, after my brother left and we had put her down at 9pm (yay!), she awoke b/c she had to poop. She was struggling again like she did a few weeks back, grunting and groaning until she finally passed her poop. We think I may have had some hidden dairy in something I ate last weekend, since she started struggling with her poop on Tuesday - light diarrhea and a speck of blood. But last night was Diarrhea with a couple streaks/tinges of blood... So i'm taking her back in to the pediatricians today.  After her movement, she continued to fuss until a little after 11pm, but finally went down.

It was hard for us and nothing hurts more than to see your baby sad, in pain and struggling and there is very little you can do about it. We took turns rocking her until 11. Then I took over so the Hubby could rest since he has work. She would be quiet and then cry out in pain... it broke my heart.

Wish us luck. Hopefully this will be nothing other than a side effect of the vaccination irritating her stomach lining!

2 Month Visit & Vaccines

We just got back from Annabelle's 2 month Pediatrician visit and vaccines... It was traumatic to say the least.

Here is our beloved Annabelle on our car ride to the pediatricians... just chillin' with her cute little socks on, minding her own business...

While I loved our pediatrician group, i'm starting to associate these traumatic experiences with them. Of course the initial visit starts with her weigh in and measurements. At 2 months and 2 days, our beloved "little" girl is not so "little"... weighing in at 13 lbs (3lb weight gain) and 23.5 inches in height (2 inch height gain) and 15 inches head size (0.5 head increase). That is right, our baby is tall (90th %ile) and chubby wubby (95th %ile) however, her head is merely 50th %ile.

I'd like to take a moment to gloat and be proud ... my body has given our baby all that she needs to grow this strong and healthy! This makes me very very happy to know that together, our baby girl allowed me to nourish her the best way that I know how. Anybody who has tried to breastfeed knows the challenges and issues one can face, so they know what an accomplishment successful breastfeeding can be! :)

After the measurements, the Dr. came in and gave her an A+ for her exam. He was impressed with her head movement, her gaze, her grasp, her movements... of course, he probably says that to all his patients, but he wanted to discuss solids with us as she is growing so well. He did send me home with an enfamil packet, but i'm only keeping it for the free vitamin D drops.

After he left, the nurse came in. The kind and sweet nurse who hurt our daughter. I held her (i don't want to do that again). I figured I'd nurse her immediately after and things would be ok... well, they weren't. The first vaccine was given orally. No problem. The next two - done one after the other were awful. The first shot didn't register for a good 5 seconds, but once it did, Annabelle's face turned a bright red and she screamed in pain. I've never seen her cry so hard or her face turn so red. By the time the second shot was given, she was howling. I tried to nurse her, but she was crying so hard she didn't even notice it. I started to hold her upright and that seemed to console her a little but she was still crying. It took over 5 minutes before i got her settled down enough to nurse. These five minutes were awful. I cried. Not as hard as Annabelle did, but i cried. My heart broke.

She finally latched on and i noticed red spots all over her forehead and two popped blood vessels on her left eye. I asked the Dr. to check it out and he reassured me it was ok and she'd be fine. She just "cried so hard" that she popped these blood vessels. BREAK MY HEART! Our little girl was in so much pain, she cried so hard that she popped blood vessels!  ugh... it was awful.

Next time, i'm giving her sugar water, b/c i can administer it to her on demand vs. trying to shove my boob in her mouth. It was traumatizing. I'm still saddened by it.

Here is how she looked on our drive home...

Obviously, she's still perturbed by the experience. I keep feeling like she feels betrayed by me. I gave her security and in that safe bubble she was pierced with not one, but TWO needles... i'm still trying to make it up to her.

In fact, she's on me right now as i type this... randomly crying out in the memory of what happened.

I've been told several times today, she will forget this experience... but i never will! Damn right, i won't... i'm traumatized.

2 Months Old

Dearest Annabelle,

Today you turned 2 months old and you had a great surprise in store for me. After sleeping in together so we could snuggle, you pooploded all over your nursing pillow. And although it wasn't planned, I gave you your first full bath all on my own and you were a rock star. After getting you all nice and clean, I fed you and laid you down for your nap.

This month had a lot of milestones for you. You have started to talk a lot more - coo and caa's. You are definitely a girl with your high pitched screams and shrieks. You make known if you dislike something right away... very opinionated (I don't know where you get that from).

You discovered your witching hour for about a week or two there, but overall you have been a happy baby. During the early evenings (witching hour) your dad or I will try all sorts of different things to make you a happy baby, but sometimes the urge to just fight sleeping is stronger than our ability to soothe you but we do the best we can.

This month you finally met your maternal grandfather. Boy was he so happy to finally meet you in person. After almost daily video chats where he could see you grow, when he came to visit, I barely got to hold you myself. He was in love the second he laid eyes on you.

This month is also when your maternal grandmother finally went back home to California after taking care of me and you for over 6 weeks. We were sad and scared to see her leave, but so far we've been doing ok as a team :)

I handled your pooplosions and spit ups like a champ and you helped me every second of the way. We still miss them both, but we already have plans to see them soon.

You also met many many people this month. From your DC Sip & See to your NJ Meet & Greet, you were able to meet some of mommy and daddy's dearest friends! They all loved you and you were such a good girl when we had visitor after visitor come to say hello!

This month also marks the first road trip we took as a family... driving to your paternal grandparent's home in NJ. You were a rock star sleeping most of the way there and back. Aside from a little fussiness when we were blocks from home, you were great. And we found that fussiness was because you had a dirty diaper.

Physically you've been growing so well. You are transitioning into size 2 diapers and into 3 month or 3-6 month clothes. Your reflux has seemed to be under control and your poop is a beautiful color! Breastfeeding is starting to be like clock work. It's mommy's favorite time with you... just you and me. I wouldn't trade those moments for anything. Daddy tried to bottle feed you this month as well as mommy made it to her first post partum work out! You also were baby sat for the first time this month (except for by Grandma last month) by a non family member, your Aunt Michelle who lives right across the hall so that your daddy and I could have dinner for our 2nd anniversary.

You are talking to us much much more and you are smiling for us a little more. Today started off rough, since mommy was so tired, but when I saw your happy smiley face this morning, I couldn't help but want to get up and enjoy each second of it. It made your daddy's day start off right to head off to work after smiles from his baby girl. 

You had your first blocked tear duct in your left eye. A little bit of discharge would come out. I simply massaged the inner corner of your eye and put some breast milk in there to clean it out. It took about a week to fully clear up, but it went right away!

This month my concern is about your posture... a little early I know, but you love to crinkle your body up on the right side and hang your head to the right as well. I almost think this is how you were in utero and this is what is most comfortable for you. But not that you are growing and your bones are forming, I want to make sure you don't have any issues when you get older.
I've learned this month that I need to take things in stride. Each pooplosion or spit up, or any other issue that may come our way is temporary and is not the end of the world. My reaction effects your reaction and well being. So my goal is to chill out. To love you through each moment and to smile no matter what happens ... and I was able to do that today when you shot poop out all over the couch. :) Throughout the clean up process and bath, there were no tears b/c you are an amazing little girl and I gave you no reason to feel anything else but happy and safe.

In a couple days, your father and I will be taking you to your 2 month check up and vaccines. I'm dreading this day as I hate to see you cry. If I could, I would take the shots for you. But I can't.

We love you baby girl... we can't believe how fast you are growing and have cherished each second that has gone by. We look forward to month 3 and hope you will continue to be patient with us as this is the first 2 month old we've ever had to deal with as parents!

Love Eternally,

Your Daddy & Mommy!

PS. Some pics of course to show how much you've grown!

DC Sip & See

Today marks 8 weeks since Annabelle was born. I can't believe how time flies (notice that I will say this in every milestone post - we all know how quickly things go). I'm amazed that in just 8 short weeks I've gone from easily freaked out new mom to an amateur mom who still gets freaked out but just not so visibly so. I've been able to take each pooplosion or crazy spit up event in stride, even though on the inside i still feel a bit freaked out LOL.

 Last Saturday (3/3), we had Annabelle's Sip & See for our DC area friends. A Sip&See is like an open house for a person, in our case- Annabelle. We provide something to Sip on and friends come to See Annabelle. Unlike a baby shower, this event is held after the birth of the baby and there is no showering of gifts (unless someone else is hosting the party and specifies it so.) We had about 30+ people come and sadly I've got very few pictures from the event. Holding Annabelle and just playing hostess didn't give me much opportunity, so it was a total parenting fail on our part ...

The few pics we did get, I'll post right here.

Here is Annabelle in her casual outfit. Since we specifically said it was a casual event, we put her in something casual. Our neighbor and dear friends got this for Annabelle when we first announced our pregnancy. Isn't that cute? "Made in Penn Quarter"! To go with her outfit, we just slipped on a denim skirt. But since it was still cold, some polka dot leg warmers spiced up her outfit. And teh final touch was a little bow.

Here is my friend's son. Tyce is 7 months old. He reached out to try to touch Annabelle and she screeched. It was hilarious. I told Tyce "you need to at least buy her dinner before trying to touch her" LOL

My friends Sarah and Anna... Photos are courtesy of Sarah (who also cohosted my baby shower)!

My friends holding the baby. I'm not sure why Taz is trying to look like a creepy guy, but it worked in this photo... lol

Annabelle's very favoritist position is leaning over like that. I swear she was in my tummy that way. Trying to straighten her out is gonna be a big hurdle!

After I nursed her towards the end of the party, she pooploded up her back... Party over!!!

Here she is looking at me - "mommy please change me... why is my skirt hiked up so high, mommy?"

And a side profile of her bow...

Since I've become pregnant, I've become forgetful and lazy about taking photos... now that Annabelle is here - it is becoming something I'm regretting every time i remember an occasion i forgot to photograph... I'm hoping to change this RIGHT AWAY!

Anyhoo... her casual Sip & See event was a success. The husband did a lot of the foot work since we couldn't guarantee what time she'd be asleep or awake, but we did it!

First social event was a success!!!

Annabelle's Birth Story {Daddy's POV}

My husband wrote Annabelle's birth story from his point of view... While its not AS detailed as my point of view (which makes sense), it is pretty interesting to read an observer's point of view.

As I was waking up to go to work, Amy was coming out of the bathroom.  She laid back down on the bed and within 30 seconds said her water broke.  I replied "are you serious?" like this would be something she would joke about.  Amy insisted on walking our dog because she said she didn't really feel any contractions yet, so she did that.  When she came back, she looked over the paper from birthcare and realized she was supposed to call them as soon as her water broke.  Oops.
Luckily, it was no big deal that she didnt call right the second her water broke.  They asked her if she was having contractions or anything.  She wasn't having any contractions she noticed at the time, so they told us to stay home and to check in with them periodically.  I was clearly very antsy and doing no good pacing back and forth, so I went to work for a few hours.  At 10:30 I left work and went back home, where we sat around watching TV, ate lunch, closed our eyes for a while.  I made a baked ziti to bring with us to birthcare as our birthday meal.
We walked the dog again late in the afternoon. Per the midwife's instruction, we bought some castor oil and came home. Amy had that and I ate a small dinner (Amy was not hungry for obvious reasons).  We then talked to Birthcare again (we had been speaking with them throughout the day periodically) and they told us to come in once traffic died down (it was now rush hour).  So we waited until about 7:30 and then got in the car.  We were there by 8pm.  Amy went inside while i unloaded the car.  We brought way more stuff than we needed, but we had no clue what we would actually need, so we brought whatever we were told.  We brought way too much food/snacks as Amy was not hungry at all during labor, or very much afterward either.
So now we are at birthcare and we go up into the room where we will spend most of the night.  Amy doesnt seem to be in too much pain and was dilated to 6cm so that we did not need Cervadil to speed things along. Since her water broke, the midwife, Laura, was concerned that after 14 hours the labor may have not been moving along quickly enough. Amy wasn't showing a consistent increase in length and duration of contractions, but instead when she moved around they were shorter in duration but came quicker and when she laid down they were longer in duration but came more spaced apart. Luckily for us, we were further along than we had thought.  Laura and our doula, Claudia, were both great and helped keep us calm.  They did a great job of telling us what was going on and giving suggestions.  After a while, I changed into shorts so it would be more comfortable and I laid with Amy on the bed.  We both dozed off periodically for a while and Laura checked in on us every 15 minutes or so.
Sometime in the wee hours of the morning, we decided to try the whirlpool.  Amy got in and I sat on the edge and we just talked off and on while Amy relaxed.  She wasn't overly thrilled in the tub and got out fairly quickly and we returned to the room.  Fairly soon though, the baby started to make its final portion of the journey.  Amy, with the help of Laura and Claudia, tried different positions for a while and Amy was so strong dealing with the pressure and pain as the baby was really coming.  Eventually Laura and Claudia were telling her to slow her pushing so she wouldn't tear.  Amy was having none of that and told them as much.  I think she actually said "I dont care if i tear, i'm pushing this baby out now".
Before I knew it, I could see the baby's head coming out and then with one huge push, the rest of the baby came sliding out.  Claudia or Laura held the baby up for me to see and I turned to Amy and said "It's a girl" and our beautiful Annabelle Yoojin Fry was here and the greatest part of our lives.
They got her all cleaned up, I changed my first diaper ever, and started to make phone calls.  Before we knew it, we ate some ziti, got cleaned up, and we were on our way home to the District with Annabelle in her car seat and Amy in the back.  I'll never forget that day, even though I've never been so tired in my life...until the next day...and the day after that...and the day after that.  But its all worth it and she makes me smile every moment of every day.
And...no matter what anyone says...women are stronger than men.  There is no way I would have been able to do half of what Amy did to give birth to our baby girl...I'm just proud of myself for not passing out.

2 Years of Wedded Bliss

Today my husband and I celebrate 2 years of marriage. I wrote a post about it on my Relentless Bride blog (Please check it out)...

We started out like this...

and 2 years later, we have her... (I know, she needs a bow on her head LOL)

and we are now... 
 (although Kota is missing from this pic - they wouldn't let him in the studio)...

I'm a lucky lucky gal...

Plugged Tear Duct

So Annabelle's eye had a plugged tear duct on Wednesday (2/28). So weird. Lately, any time i discuss an "issue" that a newborn has, Annabelle seems to get it. LOL. The Dr. at her one month appointment mentioned reflux and then she was projectile vomiting more and having more of the symptoms. Well this week, a friend mentioned her son had a plugged tear duct. And wouldn't you know the next day, I noticed some very light yellow discharge coming out of her eye. I would wipe it away and it'd accumulate again.

Of course google is a great friend during this stage in Annabelle's life but i also confirmed over the phone with a nurse that in all likelihood, this was the issue. She had the overly teary eyes which would indicate that her tears weren't draining properly and a little discharge.


Clean with a cotton ball/swab soaked in warm clean water, wipe away the discharge.
Massage the area of the inner corner of the eye.

I used the cotton ball/swab in warm water but also did a qtip soaked in breast milk. I didn't have the aim to express milk directly into her eye, so this was the next best thing. Within hours, it seems to have gone away. I'm still massaging the inner corner of her eye to make sure that the duct doesn't get plugged again.

30% or so of most infants get plugged tear ducts.... it's crazy what you learn through this whole process. Especially regarding how useful breast milk can be LOL.

Have you encountered this? Or something similar?


Yesterday, I felt very proud of myself. Proud of myself in a way, i wouldn't have felt only a few months back... You see, yesterday, Annabelle and I were at our neighbor's (and very dear friend) place just enjoying each other's company with our daughters. It was a rainy day, so it seemed the fun thing to do. 

My friend was kindly holding Annabelle while we chatted over tea, when suddenly and very unlady like, Annabelle ripped a huge fart...but it wasn't just a fart, it was a productive fart. Followed quickly by another. Now our daughter may hate me for saying this in the future, but this girl is a great farter and an explosive pooper. She will squirm, grunt, moan and groan in her sleep so that she can pass gas. Her poops are dainty followed by dainty followed by nothing followed by a ginormous one later that day. The relief on her face is so visible when she has these big poops that i can't help but feel like cheering for her when she does pass them.

Anyways, my friend said, I think she's pooped out of her diaper. She kindly gave Annabelle back to me and sure enough, you could see that her onesies had gone from pink to a bright pink from the wetness. I quickly gathered her up, apologized profusely (sooooo sorry N!!!) and took her home.  While in the elevator my mind was racing, what should i do first? how should i change her? wash her? get the poop off me? What was i to do?

This was my first pooplosion to handle all on my own. I was worried but when left with no other choice, I had to handle things.

And I have to say i did. I got her out of her poopy clothes, into a sink bath, into a new diaper and new clothes, fed and put down ... without freaking out.

Here she is right before i nursed her after i got her clean... she wasn't too thrilled about her bow, but i figured it makes her look more girly lol. 
I was happy i didn't stress. i kept myself calm which in turn kept Annabelle calm. I was proud of myself... but a few months ago, i wouldn't have been. Why? Because, i may have gotten her cleaned up and myself out of a soaked top (from the bath) and Annabelle ready to nurse, but my home was a mess. There was a bathroom with water all over the sink/floor and a tub of poopy water just sitting there in the sink. Her dirty diaper was in the trash, but her poop stained clothes and the receiving blanket i used to change her on were still just lying about along with two towels to dry her. My soaked clothes were laying on the floor in the bedroom and i was out of breathe. It irked me beyond belief to know my home had to stay a mess (even temporarily) until she went down for a nap, but that's the difference between then and now.

Now, Annabelle is my priority. Things i typically clean along the way while doing things, no longer are a priority. Certain things can wait. Cleaning up. Dishes. Laundry. etc. All of this takes a back seat to our precious daughter and keeping myself focused on that really helped me to stay calm and not let my mind go into a frenzy over the mess.

Obviously, it's not easy to let old habits die... i'm still talking about what i would have done pre-AB,  but now that she is here, i'm so proud of myself that i can put my type A personality aside and happily focus on her needs - even through a massive pooplosion!

Sorry again N... Annabelle is very embarrassed she pooped on you! :)