Happy Halloween!

I took this in the mirror, so the heart really is on the left side :)

I'm loving this shirt that my SIL's best friend sent me... perfect and just in time for Halloween! :) I hope y'all have a safe and happy Halloween full of sweetness!!!!

Baby Watch: Week 28

So this marks the end of my full 27th week, and entering into week 28!. In other words... welcome to the third trimester!!! Some sites still consider that i'm in Week 27, so won't congratulate me to the third trimester until next week, but either way... i'm still there! :)

This past weekend we had my DC Baby Shower which was super fun... themed Cute as a Button (my friends are so clever) and I'll be posting later about that. For now... here's the weekly Baby Watch :)

The weight of a head of cauliflower and about 14.5 inches long!!!
Source: Baby Center

Indiana Trip 2011

The Hubby and I had a couple of back to back busy weekends. From CA, to NJ, then to Indiana ... we have finally finished our little stint of weekend trips to enjoy our weekend with our pups.

Indiana is like home to us. We met in Indiana and have some really really great friends there. While we don't have family there, the friends we do have there are like family - so going to visit is always a great time for us. This particular time, we had a very good reason to visit. Aside from the fact that we are season ticket holders for the Colts (sigh), this year, our visit was for a very good and happy reason. The Hubby took the Indiana Bar in July and PASSED! (YAY!).

We always thought of Indiana as a potential option for where we may settle down, but it was always just an idea until now... With the Hubby passing the bar, Indiana is now an actual option.

So we went to Indiana for the Hubby's swearing in ceremony :) here are a couple pics from that ceremony...

In Indiana, they herd you in and have you announce your name into a mic to present yourself before the Indiana Supreme Court and other highly esteemed judges...here is the hubby in line.
Doesn't he look so handsome?
And here we are standing in front of the area where the judges were seated :)

That night we enjoyed dinner with two of our favorite couples we love... unfortunately, i don't have a group picture or picture with both couples, but fortunately, i have a picture with one of them... here we are... with their beautiful daughter.

The next day we drove around after a delicious breakfast at Cracker Barrel. Below is a picture of me in the Cracker Barrel store (I love this place)

Our drive took us all over the neighborhood, where we saw this great house... the owner apparently owns a big Gun store in Indiana, so it seems appropriate that this is placed in front of his house!

Later that night, our wonderful hosts (and amazing friends) had a cook out. My pal knows how much I love her Chili - so she made THREE different kinds!

Here's a pic of my pal's fur-baby Marley, giving kisses to our friend's daughter...

And the following morning we woke up to a scrumptious meal of home made biscuits & Gravy, Blueberry Belgian Waffles, Eggs, home fries and bacon.... talk about a feast!

It was only later that day, or last day there I realized I didn't get a picture with my fabulous friend and wonderful host... but since Sunday was our lazy day, she refused to take a photo with me... this was all I got.

Also an unexpected surprise was a visit from one of my first friends when I got to Indiana... who now lives in Milwaukee... It was last minute but so wonderful to see her beautiful face and her gorgeous family....

The rest of the day was lounging about, which was well needed... and of course I can't end it without some fabulously cute pics of Marley, my friend's fur baby...

He was enjoying this lounging time as much as we were... if you can't tell.

All in all, a fabulous trip to visit friends!!! We couldn't be more grateful or happy to have had sucha  wonderful visit!

Baby Watch: Week 27

Wow, already completed week 26... time is flying. Still trying to shake that cold, but its mild - so i'm doing my best not to get others sick and to get rid of the stuffy and runny nose.

I also found a bunch of 1/4 sliced watermelon, while it is more expensive overall - i can be assured its GOOD watermelon - so my craving is complete :) And i'm definitely growing. I'll post pictures later this week! 

Here is the update for this week! :)

Source: Baby Center

Our first BirthCare visit

A friend recently asked me about how my Dr. visits were going and why I haven't blogged about it. Well, I told her I recently had an appointment when I returned from CA and in fact it was no longer at with the Obstetrician I was seeing for the early part of our pregnancy. And then i realized... I should journal it.

We recently were taken off the wait list at a BirthCare birth center close by. So my most recent appointment was with the mid-wife there and it was my first with the birth center. The appointment was early in the morning and surprisingly (or perhaps not surprisingly) very different than my appointments with my obstetrician's office.

I came in and signed in (pretty typical!). Because it was my first visit, I did the usual thing of filling out more forms and handing over my ID and insurance card. I then used the restroom to empty my bladder for "your own comfort" and then took my own blood pressure and weight and wrote it down. Any one who goes to a regular OB knows that typically a nurse will come in and take your blood pressure and weight for you. So it was slightly different.

After sitting for five minutes, i was introduced to the midwife and we went into her "office" which was more like a small living room with a desk and examination table. It was definitely a different feel. There was no rushed "let's hear the heartbeat" and "do you have any questions?" and then a gentle push out the door. In fact, we sat and talked about my medical history for about 30 minutes, any things that I was experiencing and going over any possible questions I could have. I had told her I really didn't have too many questions, but yet walked out more informed than before.

We also did a general examination which was SO different than the ones at an OB's office. The same amount of privacy was given, but it was much more gentler. She spoke to me about what she was doing before she did it and as she was doing things. She also warned me about what my body may go through after the examination and what was normal or abnormal. It was very thorough.

The appointment overall had a whole different tone to it than i experienced at the OB. The idea of being "accomodate[d] within reason" by my OB regarding my birth plan wishes are no longer a worry, b/c the midwives seem to really listen to my concerns and wishes. The focus seems to have shifted to the Baby and me, and less on the convenience of the OB's and nurses... and that was apparent in just the pre-natal appointment.

I've been told its important to really be in sync with your health care provider and to really trust them, and now I know that even if its uncomfy or not the thing you want to deal with, it is important to take the steps to find a great and caring provider.

Overall, it was a great appointment, and i'm looking forward to my next one - the glucose screening!!!

Butt? Head? Leg? what is THAT?

So last night, I was going to check the baby's heartbeat... just for fun. With all the movement lately, I haven't been doing it, so i figured why not. But as i was laying down on the bed with my knees hanging off the side, I had to bend up a little to put the gel on my belly. That half laying pose made me see something SUPER weird... like a butt or a head or something shaped into the center of my belly.... It was the coolest most alien weird thing ever and I loved it. I took a few pics... and I will share them all, but the bare belly ones will only come after the jump b/c i don't want to traumatize y'all...
This is me just laying... a normal belly, rounded.

Here I am half bended, and you can see the roundedness turns into more of a hill right at the center. SO WEIRD

Isn't that trippy? I don't know which body part this is but its so alien like ... but at the same time so cool to me. Have any of you experienced something like this yet? To see more, it the read more link below... those are bare belly, so if it will offend please don't...

Baby Watch: Week 26

This past week has flown by! The Husband and I went on our last plane trip to Indiana this past weekend and enjoyed a MARVELOUS weekend with some great awesome friends!!! We just returned today, so my Baby Watch post is a few hours late b/c i had to run straight to work!

This week, FryBean is the size of a Rutabega...
Source: Baby Center
We only have 105 days left!!! YIKES!

Baby Shower {CA-Friends & Family}

So here are a just a few photos from the shower of some family and friends :)
My Aunt, My Niece and ME - Aunts are the bomb!

Posing at my seat with the baby balloon!

Didn't realize how big i was until i saw this photo.

Cousins and our Aunt

Little Owen wanted to be Morgan's friend

And he wouldn't take "no" for an answer

Adorable Ava
The measuring Game... hmmm

let's see who was right.... better to guess too big or too little?

Clothespin Game

My Mom and Niece playing the clothespin game!

Me & My niece

My HS ladies and the next generation (My friend on the right is due in a couple months, you can't even tell!)

SHHS '95

My girl Suz. Came early to help my SIL set up !! :)

A very close and wonderful friend, Barb!!!

My lovely mom and ME!

Owen, My ladies from West Texas (my friend on the left is due the day before me!) and ME!

My friend Becky :)

Michelle, Lauren & ME!
I'm sure you can tell from the pics how much fun we have, and i'm sure i have more pics to share - but for now... i've added just a few feel good pics that make me smile to know FryBean is so loved already! :)