I apologize for my recent absence.... new case I'm working on and I'm just so tired by the time I get home...but, I'm off to Cali today and hope to return renewed and refreshed!

Check back with y'all upon our return! :)

Baby Watch: Week 23

Wow, time is flying and i'm starting to feel really heavy :-/. Last week we went for our monthly check up, and from Monday to Friday the scale was up 4 lbs?! I am hoping its a deficiency of my favorite food right now - WATERMELON, which has helped me in all sorts of ways that I won't go into, but the last two Watermelons I cut into were light pink at best and NOT ripe. :( Here's hoping to finding some edible watermelon Soon! :)

FryBean is the size of a Spaghetti Squash!!!
Source: Baby Center

Silly things Daddy says {#5}

Hubby: "I need to know the sex of the baby in case we are having a girl!"
Me: "why?"
Hubby: "I need to be prepared and get used to the mental challenge of having more girls in the house!"
Me: "but I'm the only girl in the house!!?!" (3 boys-hubby and 2 male dogs)
Hubby: "exactly, any more than you will be a mental challenge!"

Silly Things Daddy Says {#4}

Hubby to me: "why don't we do that gender reveal thing you wanted? I can bake the cake!"

Me: "You can't, we'd have to take it to a baker to bake us the cake!"

Hubby: "Why? I can Put paper (that has the gender written on it) without looking on it inside the cake and bake it."

Me: "Honey, you don't bake the paper. You take it to a baker and he bakes you a cake with pink or blue cake or icing on the inside and gender neutral on the outside, so when you cut the cake together, that's how you know girl or boy."

Hubby: "ohhh...."

Me: sigh....

Baby Watch: Week 22 (inc pic)

So a little over the half way point, but i thought i'd include a comparison picture (after the jump below).  As of this morning, the weight gain has still been about 9.2 lbs  (holding steady). My back pain is still present but not too awful. And overall, with all the baby movement, we're just super happy all the time.

This weekend I did have two nights of insomnia, which led to unnecessary worries and stress due to tiredness, but I did my best to take my deep inhales and to use the mantra's I learned off the Gurmukh Prenatal Yoga CD. I also have been doing specific yoga poses that are supposed to help with labor, birth and relaxation :)

Source: Baby Center

Our time table is right on track as indicated in last week's ultrasound!

Warning: It is bare belly, for reasons I mentioned before, but its how i started taking the photos before, so to keep comparison real...

Silly Things Daddy says {#3}

After the 20 wk sonogram, on our drive home, my husband turns to me and says

"I'm so excited. I love you and I love our baby!"

I glanced at him questioning his random outburst and he continues...

"I feel like the baby is real now..."

I stare at him flabbergasted...

"you know, now that we saw the the face and body on the sonogram... and all that movement"

My response "so my growing happy fat ass and belly was no indication?" LOL

In his defense, our last sonogram was at 10 wks and at that point, all we got was a blur that kept moving around. There was no baby shape or profile of a body. So i guess i understand what he means but really???!!!  LOL

A clean bill of health

so far! Below is a picture of the report from our ultrasound!

Woohoooo! And while this doesn't mean 100% the baby will have no issues, it is a good sign for the present.

But how did I get this report?

It never hurts to ask is my motto.

I was unhappy with only five images given to us by the ultrasound tech. I knew there were several more and was hoping for a full body image and so the dissatisfaction settled in and Tuesday morning, I called the radiologist (to my husband's dismay).

I spoke with a very nice person and sweetly explained my situation... "I know this is an odd thing to ask, and being a first time mom, I think i'm over zealous - but I got five images and was hoping to get a few more. I don't know if you can help me, but if you can, you would make my week!!!"

And he was kind enough to send me all images AND the report. This was nice b/c the ultrasound techs simply said "everything looks good" but did not specify what that meant.

Turns out, that means "no apparent fetal abnormality". Also, there is no sign of the placenta dropping near the cervix (placentia previa) and my placenta is located posteriorly which was noted as well.

So simply by asking, I got all these images and all this info simply by asking and I'm so glad I did!

Here's a couple more baby images, some are animal image like and others are indiscernible.
a Little whale like... but the spine

The baby kicking his/her leg away as s/he made a move to get away from the sonogram device

Head, tummy and hand... :)

Baby's heartbeat at 150

The baby was lying down and kind of thrusted his/her chest up, which showed the aortic candy can shaped valve...

Sure most of the images we received, I can't tell heads or tails from - but the fact that I have all this info and images at my fingertips makes me sooooooo giddy!

I'm so thrilled to have a clean bill of health for our little one, since we didn't do any testing, I won't lie - i was started to stress and get worried! Yay FryBean! :)

Baby Fry's Gender

So as i indicated in yesterday's Big Ultrasound post, the student tech started to refer to our baby as "HE" midway through her examination.

But I also saw a distinct HAMBURGER. Yes, it was almost too perfect of a hamburger, like an cartoon outline of a hamburger, or a video game hamburger. And yes, I confess I did not see it nestled between two legs... but did i also mention, the minute i saw our baby on the tv monitor, i instantly felt "GIRL!!!"  So was I imagining things?

Well after telling the Husband about the hamburger thing, he quickly responded "But you thought the heart was our baby's ASS!!!"

Touche ... he is correct.  I did think the Heart whilst it was not beating was our  Baby's Bottom, and it was a heart... LOL

(And just fyi, I did check sonograms online and none of the "hamburgers" i saw on girl sonograms was like the "hamburger" that I saw LOL. So maybe i was seeing things?)

So what do you think?  and if you are curious about the baby's heartbeat, it is typically between 120-150, usually staying in the 130-140 area and occasionally over 150.

So thoughts?

Well, here is our baby's gender... (click the link for reading after the jump)

Big Ultrasound

On Monday, the 12th - the Husband and I trekked over to finally get a glimpse at our beautiful baby. Since we abstained from the Nuchal Translucency test, (which i regret since that meant missing out on seeing the baby again at 12 weeks) we hadn't seen the baby since week 10, and that was just a quick blur. I was very excited to say the least, but I was very nervous. Having opted out of early testing, we were told this big ultrasound would indicate with a little more assured-ness any abnormality, so I was nervous. My stomach started gurgling while we waited for our appointment. My husband was calm as he said "nothing is wrong with our baby, don't worry". I, on the other hand, not so calm... and its easy to say be calm, and another to be calm ... but i tried to let the excitement of seeing our baby on the screen take over - and it did.

Our appointment went well overall. While we were in there for quite some time, the baby decided not too cooperate. I looked at the husband and said "No denying this child is yours, so uncooperative!!!"

At the very beginning, we told the student tech that we did not want to be told the sex, but to please right it down on an index card, fold it, and then put it in the envelope (which we provided of course). 

We started off with a student technician. She had 30 minutes and then her supervisor would come in to take over. She asked if we did any other testing earlier and we said "no." She seemed very confused and asked us why. We simply said, we were told that those tests were merely statistics that without an amnio wouldn't tell us anything and that this big ultrasound should indicate with better precision if we really did need an amnio. She just nodded her head.

Our baby was breech, which we were assured could change many times til the end of the pregnancy. The baby's head was right below my belly button which made a good visual hard. While checking out the heart, the spine kept creating a shadow. And with all that movement, the student tech had a hard time to get measurements. But alas, she got most of them. However, because our child was being so uncooperative, i laid on my left side while we awaited the supervisor tech.

Halfway through, the student tech started referring to the child as "He".

Before she stepped out again, she asked "so are you pro life?" because she was still confused about why we didn't do any early testing. After she left, that made me worried. I didn't understand why it was such a big deal that we didn't.

Then the supervisor tech came in and tried again with the heart. The supervisor tech was able to get some more measurements but it took some maneuvering. At one point, i went to my right side to give the tech better access and hopefully encourage the baby to move. The little one was squirming so much that towards the end of that 90 minutes, the baby went into child's pose and just laid there.

The student tech asked the supervisor tech "did you see down there?" and the supervisor tech said "yes, i already did". However, later she did go over that area again and asked "you guys don't want to know but do you want to see that area?" I said "well, if you need to that's fine, but we don't need to." HOWEVER, i got a glimpse of something.

A distinct Hamburger. A perfect little outline of a hamburger. Almost too perfect. And not in between legs either. Hmmm... (they say if you want to know your baby's sex, a girl would be like a hamburger bun and a boy would be like a turtle) was I imagining things?

The Dr. then came in and the techs left. The Dr. wanted to get a better glimpse of the heart since the baby's squirming made it difficult to see the heart valves. She was very nice and we finally got all the images of the heart that indicates a HEALTHY and beautiful heart!

Now if you have been through an ultrasound, you know that sometimes they zoom out and sometimes they zoom in. At one point, the Dr. zoomed in and I still thought i was seeing an overall glimpse of the baby. I said, "Is that the butt?" and the Dr. responded "No, its the heart!" and once the "butt" started beating, i instantly knew it was the heart too. 

So there you have it. We had a beautiful hour and a half of just watching our baby squirm and protest. They sent us home with five images, of only one I really liked.

a perfect little head. Also in the image is the fetal nasal bone, which i later googled to learn that an absence of such could indicate Down's or Turner's.

The feets (i think both are visible?) Is there something between those legs?

A clenched fist and arm, with a slight image of the face.

A nice top image of the face. A bit skeletor like, but apparently this is normal.

A blurred image of the face, kind of looks like a ghostly skeletor.
During the appointment, I also was told that the placenta was posterior implanted, so towards the back of my uterus (towards my back) which could indicate why i got the bubbles so early and can feel the kicks and punches of my little one which are becoming more and more frequent! We were also told the weight and length, but neither one of us wrote it down - so i can't remember it. :(

Overall, the appointment was ok. I think I was hoping for more information but that's the type of person I am. Constantly probing for more info! I wish they had sent me home with a full body image or other images, b/c i know we took so many more - but I am happy we got to see the baby for as long as we did.

Baby Watch: 21 Weeks

A lot more movement this past week and less back pain! YAY!!! While my weight gain at this point is a little less than 9 lbs, I feel like all I've been doing is eating :) Not too bad for a girl with an endless appetite.

Here is our 20 week stats:

Source: Baby Center


As we all know, 10 years ago terrorist attacked our country. Under the guise of religion, these terrorist forever changed the path our country and this world went on from that day 9-11-01. People of every color, every religion and every class were affected.

10 years ago today, I was laying in bed sleeping. It was barely 6am in California and my life was consumed with the LSAT test and LSAT classes. I had just finished grad school and life was honky dory. 10 years ago today, that changed.

Listening to the stories of those who survived the attacks, or lost loved ones still brings instant tears and heartache. While its already been 10 years, its still very fresh in many of our minds. For me, I take the tragedy that struck as a reminder that we need to cherish every day, put aside petty trivial issues and focus on the important things in life. While our politicians fight and bicker, I hope that today will remind them that we are ONE NATION. We have women and men fighting abroad and at home DAILY to keep America safe, so let's not forget about those who are brave every day of their lives, here and abroad.

Don't forget. Always remember. And live each day to the fullest b/c we have women and men sacrificing EVERY day to make our lives here in the States what it is.

{Article} Dogs as smart as toddlers

Taken from this source:

"A recent study shows that your dog is probably as smart as your average toddler.

Researchers at the University of Florida have found that dogs have the intelligence of a 2-year-old. They are capable of understanding the meaning of up to 165 words and gestures, can count to 5, and can perform simple mathematical calculations.

Another study found that dogs can interpret human body language and behavior and use it to their advantage.

Researchers said dogs are more likely to beg for food from someone who is paying attention to them.
Using tests originally designed to demonstrate the development of language, pre-language and basic arithmetic in human children, the researchers were able to show that the average dog is far more intelligent than they are given credit for.

That study is published in the journal Learning and Behavior."

This makes me think that our Husky is pretty bright and interactive, but our Shiba is very apathetic and interacts only when he chooses... so I think they both understand us and can sense things, but i'm not sure if either can count to 5... What about your furbabies? You think they can measure up to a two year old?

{Article} US Ranks low for newborn survival

CNN.Com recently had an interesting article titled US Ranks Low for Newborn Survival. I found it interesting because the statistics are a bit alarming. This pregnancy has revealed a world of "things I didn't know" and just a bit of food for thought. What I found most interesting (pulled straight from the article) are

"In a 20 year analysis of newborn death rates around the world, the study published in PLoS Medicine revealed the number of infants who die  before they are 4 weeks old account for 41% of child deaths worldwide
  • Newborn deaths in the United States ranked 41 out of 45 among industrialized countries, on par with Qatar and Croatia.
  •  More than a half million babies in the United States—1 in every 8—are born premature each year.
  • The United States has seen a 26% reduction in newborn deaths since 1990, but that number is lower than the global average.
  • “We actually found 50 countries, including China, have dropped their newborn death rate by more than 50% in the last 20 years.”
  • Half of the 3.3 million newborn deaths around the world occur in just five countries: Pakistan, China, Democratic Republic of Congo, India, and Nigeria. 
  • But researchers say the newborn death rates in these regions can be decreased by utilizing known interventions: Improving hygiene when a baby is born, breastfeeding and keeping babies warm after birth. "
Read the article for the full study report, but I was shocked to realize that we live in one of the most industrialized and greatest countries on earth and we are ranked so low in newborn deaths. It also made me wonder what could we do here to prevent this?

Baby Watch: Week 20

The HALFWAY MARK!!! (According to Fertilityfriend.com)! Yay, and i'm feeling good. Sure I've got some back pain and I'm still peeing quite a bit every night, but aside from that, the symptoms are minimal :) All i can say is while I'm super excited to meet our child, i'm also sad that this pregnancy is moving by so quickly and i'm trying to cherish every moment for what it is.

This week our baby is the size of
Source: Baby Center

How will your other children react

and by other children, (specifically for me), I mean Fur-babies to the newest member of your family?

This was on my mind last night as I drifted off to sleep. The Husband and I have certain patterns that are puppies are part of. Later at night, as I get ready for sleep, Kota and I hang out on our bed. I watch TV and he curls up and lays with me.

During this time, Juneau will leave the comforts of our bed and come out to the living room to hang with Daddy. This is Daddy-Juneau time.

And here is Kota barging in on Daddy-Juneau time on Tuesday night, he just plopped down ON Juneau, and June was not too thrilled!

We have our habits. But this will soon change. And I wondered, how will this effect our fur-babies ?

Juneau, we feel knows about the impending change. (read here about his moment where he put his paw on my belly!) But Kota we believe either is in denial or doesn't know.

Kota doesn't mind children, but he does mind the pulling of ears and tails. Very rarely, if ever will he get upset, but he usually finds a nice quiet area to just make himself invisible. If a toddler comes up to him, he will just sit patiently for the kid to get bored and leave.

Juneau on the other hand, is very protective of our nieces. He is proactive. In their face, literally, due to his size and if they grab on his tail he makes noise just b/c he is a talker, but he would never be mean.

So our biggest fears with the pups... Juneau getting worried if the baby is crying and try to help. And by help, I mean maybe pick the baby up? I did hear of an Native American Indian Dog doing just that (Read here). Juneau will be very very protective, which can be both a good and bad thing. Lucky for us we have no secluded wooded area close by.

Kota will be apathetic, or seemingly so. With his older age (7.5) he gets more and more ornory with each passing day. So he'll probably just sit on his perch and stare out the window... Which is not good b/c i do want him to love the baby, but perhaps when the baby is really young, this is best.

How do you think your other children or furbaby(s) may react to the newcomer in your family? Or how has this adjustment been for you if its already happened? I'm so curious to know if your children/furbaby(s) adjusted easily !!!