6 Week Pre-Natal Appointment

Our first appointment with my gynecologist was at the six week mark. I had already gone in for a Beta the week before, so we knew we were pregnant and the Dr. mentioned coming in the next week. Since my gynecologist no longer does obstetrics, he mentioned I would probably need to see one of his colleagues but that for the first appointment, I could see him.

Little did I know, our first REAL appointment usually doesn't take place til week 10. So I dragged the Husband along with me for what I hoped was not a waste of time, but was worried when the nurse said "well I don't know what Dr. X can do for ya, but let's wait here for him".

Well, when my Dr came in - he was very excited for us. He was with me from the diagnosis of the Fibroid & Cyst so he knew we were going to be trying soon for a baby... He casually said "well let's see if we can see anything... don't be alarmed if we don't - it doesn't mean anything b/c you are AWFULLY early, but let's go ahead and try!" to which I was thrilled...

And this is what we saw - the picture is doctored since we texted a few friends with it... but here you go:

You can see that the yolk sac is in the uterus and starting to grow. We actually saw it glimmer b/c there was a heartbeat and both my Husband and I were in awe that so quickly a little miracle was developing into a baby... Heartbeat at 6 weeks? My goodness LOL. I had/have a lot to learn about what's to come ...

Needless to say, our first appointment was a great success. I love my Dr but was sad that he no longer delivered babies, so I made an appointment with another Dr in the same practice. On our way back to work, My Husband looked over at me and said "I'm so happy!" which of course made me thrilled... We are blessed!

Telling the Maternal Grandparents...

After a lot of thought, it turned out that telling my parents was something that I had to do not as I initially planned. We had decided we wanted to tell family in person, and seeing as I was going to CA for my neice's birthday - it was the perfect time. The following weekend, we were going to NJ for Father's Day, so while it wasn't ideal b/c it wasn't at the exact same time - telling in person was our priority.

At the last minute, my brother, sil and neice & nephew decided to come visit. A week before my visit back home. We had already ordered some T-shirts from Vistaprint so we knew how we wanted to tell our family, but now - things had changed.

I knew it was important that the parents knew before the siblings, so I created a text message out of a photo I took earlier in the day from my 6th week...

I called my mom to ensure they were together, and said "i Texted dad" and proceeded to text my father. My mom said "ok" and then hung up on me.

I called her back and said "don't hang up!" and she's like Ok, whats up... (not in so many of her korean words)... as I'm stalling, I said "did you get my text?" She said my dad had gone upstairs to get his phone... I told her she needed to see it too and not to hang up the phone. so she carried me up the stairs with her via her cell phone and this is what I heard in the background.

Mom: "amy says i need to see it too..."
Dad: silence
Mom: "Amy says i need to see the text message..."
Dad: "Amy has a baby, due January 30 next year"
Mom: "What is January 30?"
Dad: "Baby"
Mom: "What baby?"
Dad: "AMY has a BABY!!!!"

LOL. It was hilarious. And of course they were thrilled. While we had cute shirts made for them and I wanted to tell them in person, my mom agreed that they wanted to (and needed) to know first and that the way I improvised was perfect! She said I already looked 3 months at 6 weeks and to be careful. My father said he didn't want me to go to the night baseball game (weird comment) and not to lift heavy things.

I reminded my mother to not tell anyone for a few more weeks until we were ready... 10 times I probably reminded her. I said "let's keep this our intimate family secret for now" she laughed and said she had no one else to share it with besides my father who'd be as happy as she is (little did i know what was to come)!

All in all, it wasn't what we planned...but it worked out perfectly!

Baby Watch: Week 14

After a nice vacation to the Jersey Shore (Wildwood Crest), I'm relaxed and excited as we enter our 14th week...
Shrimp - Source: Baby Center

Sadly, i've been in maternity clothes since week 8 ... and honestly, they are the most comfy things EVER! I think i'd be ok if the bloat didn't kill me by evening, but with maternity pants on - bloat be damned, I can breathe in my pants :)

Baby Watch: Week 13

Here we are ... one more week has passed - and for Baby Watch Week 13, I've not gained any weight from last week and have had less nausea and dizziness but more food aversions... and aversions to food i love, i.e., FRIED foods :(

Have you experienced Week 13? How was it for you? Any tips or advice?

Birthing Magazine Article: Why Mothers Kiss their babies

I recently read this article that I thought was very interesting.... about why mothers kiss their babies.

Whether you "believe" in breastfeeding or not, I still think its a pretty interesting article that explains our behavior is innately driven and our bodies are created to react to certain actions. 

I hope to be able to breastfeed our child. It is our plan right now... and when I read articles like this, I think it just reconfirms our decision...

My favorite part of the article reads
"Claiming behaviours such as kissing provide not only emotional, but biological attachment. There is a very real health benefit for the baby who is kissed. 

When a mother kisses her baby, she ‘samples’ those pathogens that are on the baby’s face. Those are ones that the baby is about to ingest. These samples are taken up by the mother’s secondary lymphoid organs like the tonsils, and memory B cells specific for those pathogens are re-stimulated. These B cells then migrate to the mother’s breasts where they produce just those antibodies that the baby needs.” says Lauren Sompayrac, author of How The Immune System Works."

Read more of the article here: Why Mothers Kiss Their Babies

Dear FryBean: 12DPO & 13DPO

Dear FryBean,

This weekend was only 12DPO & 13DPO... yet I already feel you inside me. While my (.)(.) are only starting to feel tender and sore, the slight nauseau and dizziness is increasing. Oddly, my memory is shot and I can't remember the tiniest things.

For instance, Saturday (12DPO) I attended an Eat Practice Love session at a girlfriend's place. We practiced yoga, cooked and ate together and just enjoyed each other's company... I had to "feed the meter" and it took me going down to the car, forgetting my wallet, then forgetting my car keys and then forgetting if i locked the car before I was back upstairs back enjoying the company of my girlfriends.

Then, I reminded myself to tell your daddy about the little episode and when i got home I forgot to tell him about my forgetting...Total BABY Brain!

I think you are making yourself known and I'm doing my best to give you a happy environment to come into. It'll be cozy (to say the least) but it will be full of love.

Last night, your biggest brother Juneau slept between your father and I... it's not something he normally does. But he laid between us and he came over, put his paw on my belly and laid his head on my shoulder and just stared at me as I tried to sleep... I think your biggest brother knows you are coming ... and we are all excited for your arrival...

And yes this POAS craziness continues... so you can see i'm still watching as that little pink line grows stronger and stronger!

So excited for you little FryBean!

Your Mama

Dear FryBean, 11DPO (05/20/2011)

So, this will begin my series of what i'm calling "Dear FryBean" ... little journal to our future child, starting with one I wrote when i first started to believe I was pregnant. You will see, that my Type A personality does NOT fail me with this pregnancy stuff and after purchasing some cheapie internet test strips, I went a little POAS (Pee on a Stick) Crazy... yes, even I get crazy (anybody who knows me, knows i'm just stating the obvious). I finally got rid of said sticks to a friend b/c with 40+ some left and well into our 1st trimester, The Husband was getting tired of seeing my POAS-sticks everywhere. LOL...


Dear FryBean,

This morning I woke up and couldn't fall back asleep. I went to the bathroom and snuck another HCG test that I've been taking almost 2-3 times daily without your daddy knowing. Talk about obsessive. I started testing as early as 2dpo (days past ovulation) ... Why? IDK, a bit crazy perhaps. Get used to it.

About 9dpo you started to show signs of life. Very minor... but you were there...

Gradually, you showed more and more signs of life until this morning, I decided to take a digi test... and tadaaaa....

Clear as day... you can't deny words!

And I can't believe I haven't told your dad yet. I'm dying to tell someone but i'm so nervous that somehow this is a fluke and i'm not as lucky as it seems to already be blessed with you in our lives.  ... :)

I'll have to tell him soon and I have a special surprise for your pops, so hopefully I will be doing that soon! :)


Your Mama

Baby Watch: Week 12

The confusing thing about telling time with this whole pregnancy thing is that some sites use your current week as the number while others use that as the week you've just encountered. So to measure things in a way I can understand, I'll tell you what week the Baby is... Fetus Age: 9 weeks!
According to Fertilityfriend.com (FF), our baby is entering the 12th week... why? Well FF uses this note to explain...

"Note: This page displays information for the coming week. For example if you are 14 weeks 3 days pregnant, you will see information for week 15. Technically you would be entering week 15 so this information would be relevant to what you are currently experiencing. Information for week 14 would be what you have already experienced. "  (Source: Fertilityfriend.com)

Other sites, take your week completed and keep you at that week. So some sites are telling me that today i'm at Week 11. But since i've been using FF from the beginning, I'll just go by what they tell me :)
So here is our Weekly Info:

So all you wanted to know, right?  And yes, I'm that person who tried to listen to the heartbeat with a stethoscope, and let me tell you... IT DOES NOT WORK! LOL

Announcing the Pregnancy to Daddy

As you saw in our little video montage yesterday (click here if you missed it), I videotaped the big announcement as to when we told the Husband.  Our pups are not ones we dress up, as you can tell by their fluff - they never need a winter sweater and in the summer would probably be shaven if it didn't do harm to their skin. And in the video and the pics below, you can tell that Juneau (the Husky) was especially unhappy being forced into these adorable tees I had prepared but they survived (times 3). Sometimes I wish i had dogs I could easily dress up b/c I'm sorry, it is just so dang cute but alas, i guess our pups are special occasion dress up pups!

In January, we had a chemical (Read my post about Pregnant for a Day), and in my haste I just ran over to immediately tell my Husband in no special way but to show him the stick. Now don't get me wrong, the news is so exciting, there really is nothing better than the actual news itself, but since i'm a planner - i told myself during my post-op recovery period, let's plan a cute way to tell my Husband that we're pregnant when the time comes in the future.

So i scoured the internet and googled "cute ways to announce your pregnant" and saw a lot of different ways you could suprise the father with the baby announcement
- Plan a dinner of foods all baby related (baby carrots, baby corn, veal, etc... anything that's baby X)
- any kind of enjoyable dinner and a present
- Propose fatherhood
- prepare a bun in the oven
- Dress up siblings with a shirt that exclaims "big brother/sister"
- make/buy a card from the baby
- a letter announcement
- buy him a piggy bank and tie a note that says "baby's college fund, only 18 yrs and 9 months to save" or something similar
- put it in a fortune cookie
 and so on...

Well, FryBean doesn't have any human siblings, but our pups are the best "siblings" next to human ones - so that's what I did. Even though they hate wearing shirts and even though my husband hates seeing them forced into something, I made an exception.

I reached out on Etsy to a great shop called Mia's Closet. Carrie designs, creates and makes some great puppy items and was such a pleasure to work with (definitely check out her store). I didn't know when I would get that positive sign, so she worked with me to change the wording for one item, figure out sizing as well as quickly ship the item - i highly recommed her and her store!

So that is what you see in the video... a little warm up with the pups in the bedroom while I told the Husband to sit and wait on the couch. The pups weren't happy and didn't really follow my cue i.e., come out together calmly and sit in front of their Dad so he could read their shirts. Instead Kota (Shiba) came out, Juneau needed encouragement b/c of his fear of the wood floors and it was a bit of a cluster. The Husband said he was more concerned with the fact that they were wearing shirts than what it said, but after forcing him to read them... he finally figured it out (it took a few minutes and perhaps actually showing him the positive digi test!)...

Here are some stills of the adorable big(gest) brothers in their super cute shirts. (which by the way, we used two more times to surprise family with !! and now they are cute keepsakes for our baby)

Did you announce your pregnancy to the Father in any special way? How'd you think of it? Any creative suggestions to share?

A big Baby Announcement

Please watch the following video ... I apologize ahead of time for some of the choppiness in part of the video, it was a handheld-and sadly my hand ain't that steady. :)