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1st Birthday Invitation Brainstorm

I can't believe that we are only 11 weeks out from Annabelle's first birthday.   Time flies, and flies quicker when you are having fun with a little one. Every day is an adventure and I've been thinking a lot about Annabelle's first birthday but haven't made any concrete party plans yet.

The best way for me to figure out a birthday party theme is to take a look at party invitations.  Invitations are the first glimpse your guests get, so its an important part of the party planning.  For me, it just helps me gather ideas and from there, I let that brainstorming unfold into party details.

One of my favorite sites I used for wedding related parties is Wedding Paper Divas. We used them for my bridal shower and engagement party, and absolutely loved their designs and the quality. So naturally, as I am delving into Annabelle's birthday invitations, I go to their sister site Tiny Prints.

Annabelle was born the year of the Rabbit. So a rabbit theme is an easy one that can be used for her party.

Plaid Bunnies
Bunny Broadcast
However, I wanted to think outside the box a little but had no idea how, so i simply clicked "1st birthday invitations" and I uncovered so many invitations that would allow party details to still be flexible but start to mold the the ideas and theme of the party.

Here are a few of my favorite.

I love the idea of displaying her monthly photos...
Photo Year Begonia
I love the monthly idea, but another great idea for a multiple photo invitation is one that highlights some big moments.

Sweet Moments
 Another great idea for her 1st birthday is the Dol invitation. In Korea, the first birthday is called the dohl/dol and it is a very big celebration.  We are having two parties - one in California Dohl Style and a more casual one in DC.  This invitation could just be perfect for the California party.
Darling Dol
 I really like the design of the next few... they are just aesthetically pleasing and leave room to elaborate on party details at the event.
Early Elegance
Stacked by One Bloom
And one of my other ideas I had thought about was using one of my favorite patterns - Chevron - and using that as part of the party details.
Rainbow Waves
So far this is where my brainstorming has taken me. I have too many options!!!  I have found one too many pretty invitations I want to use, so now I will have to narrow it down.  What to do for Annabelle's first birthday invitation? I think I'll have to take a few days to really look over the ideas that i've found here and see which invitation will suit our party(s) best :)

Which one of these adorable invitations were your favorite?

Standing alone

Today Annabelle climbed up on me and pulled herself to standing. She had a stuffed toy in each hand. She proceeded to let go and balanced unassisted for close to ten full seconds on her own.

I wanted to film it or photograph it but of course I couldn't move... But you shoulda seen my grin

Instead I'll share pics of our little one today .... Just hanging out

Surviving Hurricane Sandy

Annabelle survived her first Hurricane... we didn't go anywhere for two days, but we've seen the damage that Sandy has done to our friends and family in neighboring states... we are so grateful that Annabelle didn't even realize anything was amiss outside.

We had a few playdates with some of the other kids in our condo building - a definite perk to living in a condo and she was able to enjoy some serious play time :)
Hope y'all are safe and recovering from the destruction that Sandy left in her wake...

Halloween Party

This evening was Annabelle's first Halloween party! We got dressed up as a family (which did take some convincing but bc Daddy is a rockstar and totally awesome, he agreed) and enjoyed some Halloween fun with our neighbors.

Here are a few photos from our evening !

Halloween Story Time

Happy Halloween! Ok, well not quite yet but Annabelle still got to participate in some Halloween fun wearin her snazzy outfit that my parents got her for Halloween Story time and trick or treating!

She was adorable and had a great time even though she was overdue a nap.

The event started with a few stories by the lovely librarian Ms. Mary, who we try to see every Friday for storytime. Then It was followed with some trick or treating fun through the library :)

Here are a few pics of us enjoying the event !